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  1. The second, opposite and stronger incentive is Love.

    Isn't our life much more based on love? Isn't it the key to progress? How can such an incentive as fear lead to stagnation, regression or degradation?

    It is important to note that fear and love cannot be compatible.

  2. FEAR is built into humans and animals by Nature to solve general problems-survival and development.

    There are two types of FEAR: benign and malignant:

    1) benign fear contributes to the successful solution of all problems of human survival and development,

    2) malignant fear – inadequate, excessive, destructive, unmanageable-destroys a person and interferes with his development.

    Fear is the eternal universal companion and friend of man.

    SCIENCE has long developed the subject of FUNDAMENTALS of HUMAN LIFE SAFETY (OBZH).

  3. If we turn to evolution, and why we need feelings, it becomes clear why fear is so common. Every living thing has two main goals-to survive and reproduce (first survive and then reproduce). And the fear of death is a basic survival instinct. The fact is that feelings help us survive. Unpleasant feelings (fear, resentment, guilt, shame, etc.) tell us that our life is in danger, and pleasant feelings (confidence, joy, comfort, etc.) tell us that we are safe and moving in the right direction.

    You generalize your feelings to everyone. Not all people live in fear. You just grew up in an environment where fear is the foundation. Other people grew up in a different environment, where other feelings are different (for some it's shame, for others it's guilt, for others it's resentment, for others it's joy, and so on, each in their own way). If you want to change your feelings-stop being afraid/offended/blamed/ashamed, and start enjoying life and getting high-dig in the direction of preprogramming the unconscious. For example, here is a method of working with the unconscious.

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