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  1. The artist had a great awe for the forest nature, it literally captivated him with its innumerable colors, a variety of shades, and the rays of the sun breaking through the dense pine branches.

    The painting “Morning in a Pine Forest” became the embodiment of Shishkin's love for the forest. It quickly gained popularity, and was soon used in pop culture, on stamps, and even on candy wrappers. To this day, it is carefully preserved in the Tretyakov Gallery.

    Ivan Shishkin managed to capture one moment from a whole forest life. He drew a picture of the beginning of the day, when the sun was just beginning to rise. An amazing moment of the birth of a new life. The painting “Morning in a pine forest” depicts the awakening forest and still sleepy bear cubs that get out of a secluded dwelling.

    In this picture, as in many others, the artist wanted to emphasize the immensity of nature. To do this, he cut the tops of pine trees at the top of the canvas.

    If you look closely, you can see that the tree on which the cubs are frolicking has its roots pulled out. Shishkin seemed to emphasize that this forest is so unsociable and deaf that only animals can live in it, and trees fall of their own accord, from old age.

    Shishkin pointed out the morning in the pine forest with the help of the fog that we see between the trees. Thanks to this artistic move, the time of day becomes obvious.

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