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  1. Did he have any specific teaching? He is a philosopher – that is, an author of concepts, a friend of the concept. He protested against dogma, against ossification. He and Guatarri deconstructed psychoanalysis( schizoanalysis), wrote a book – “What is philosophy?”, and made a great contribution to the continental trend. Deleuze is the author of such concepts as the Body without organs, the Rhizome-all of them point to our plasticity and ideation, protest against dogma .

  2. For a respected “person from the street”. In a series of interviews (conducted by K. Parne) under the title “Alphabet” Deleuze admits that he is afraid of multi-knowledge people (well, yes, Heraclitus also said that “multi-knowledge does not teach the mind”). It works differently. if he needs to understand something, he collects the material and (as an investigator) clarifies it with the help of his text (in his terminology – “concept”).+Guattiri). The concept is a construction “for vision”. Not a concept, but a prism for seeing (for it initiates a state of intense consciousness). Consciousness, which philosophers talk about (it makes up the continuum “consciousness-being”). Otherwise, Deleuze deliberately refuses to build a philosophical theory. Why? Any philosophical theory in modern conditions (this is important) turns into an ideology. And the main motive of modern philosophy is anti — ideological.

  3. First, about the very concept of “philosophical teaching”. According to Deleuze, the philosopher creates concepts: just like an artist creates paintings or a baker creates bread. Within the framework of your own concept (which would be most understandable to a “person from the street”) – Gilles Deleuze showed and explained what the capitalist phase of human development is based on, how it appeared, along what paths it develops and how it will end.

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