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  1. Because the transition to monotheism is a logical inductive device. If earlier the forces of nature seemed to people independent and not connected with each other, then they began to understand that plants grow because they are connected with the earth, the sun and water, that trees sway because the wind blows, and fire burns because fuel is used.

    By connecting various natural phenomena with each other, man also connected spirits, to whom he attributed power over these individual phenomena. And logically I came to the conclusion that nature is one and its manifestations are inseparable from each other. Accordingly, God is one, the God of nature, life, light, water, wind, soil, and all the phenomena that combine to form the world. At our current level, we could come up with pagan gods of the Atmosphere, the Biosphere, and the Lithosphere, but we understand that all these spheres are inextricably linked. So we have only one God. And science is a tool for knowing this God, if you will.

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