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  1. Farting and abdominal discomfort after a coke is not caused by the gas it contains – it is released in the mouth, esophagus and stomach and comes out with a belch.

    Farting and discomfort after Cola – from the awesome amount of carbohydrates contained in it, which cause fermentation processes in the intestines. In the production of Cola and other sodas, corn syrup is used-a cheap alternative to cane sugar. The sugar contained in corn syrup is mainly fructose, which is more harmful than glucose and sucrose. And it contains 8 teaspoons “without a slide” for a standard jar of 355 ml.

  2. It is connected with the history of the origin of this shit. Fuck if you don't like this coke so much, why do you hate it? Just take it and forget it, drink some juice and vodka there

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