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  1. It would have gone downhill under Durov. This is just the life cycle of classic social networks, like any product. It's just that the peak of their popularity has passed. At the time of the appearance of VK, it was a fresh idea: stylish, fashionable, youth. Now classic social networks exist by inertia – because there are a lot of people there and it's a pity to lose contacts. Why all moms and dads / grandparents are in Odnoklassniki – because all their classmates are there.�

    In the old days, the main network of the sexually mature population was Odnoklassniki, and VK was for shkolota. Now VK – for the generation of 20-30-year-olds-is the same shkolota grew up. And there are fewer and fewer new young people there – they don't even understand why a VK is needed, if it's more convenient to post photos from a smartphone on Instagram, and communicate in voice chats. So Durov very timely dumped “at the peak”, now you can throw poop in the new administration, remember the old days and tell legends about the work for the idea.�

    Any big business is a lot of work and no sentiment. The VK must not change, otherwise new users will not come there. VK cannot remain the largest provider of pirated content if it wants to enter the world market (and it does), but the Russian soul cannot accept the loss of freebies and the song about the FSB and evil oligarchs begins.�

    P.S. It is especially interesting to read about “all the worst things that are on Facebook”, given that today the monthly audience of FB is 20 times larger than VK. Maybe it's not so bad?))

  2. This is also why Skype became a squalor after Microsoft bought it…

    The tech team was replaced…

    Sand is not the best substitute for oats, and the FSB and the oligarch are the founding fathers.

    VKontakte is being reformed in the interests of new owners, not users

  3. It seems to me that Paul himself reflected this well in the ten lessons: https://vc.ru/19067-durov-vk-10

    Of these, two quotes answer your question best:

    Quantity doesn't translate into quality. The Vkontakte team was small, but consisted of talented and motivated people. Such a team is more effective than an army of salaried mercenaries.

    Principles are more important than benefits. Vkontakte defended the interests of users, while its competitors betrayed them to please advertisers, shareholders, and officials. Bringing good to others is the only possible reason for true success.

    Vkontakte after Durov's departure turned to the path of maximizing profits by any means. Therefore, ideals (and even their similarity) are out of the question. The redesign was made for the convenience of displaying ads, and not in order to modernize and refresh the social network. What they do with audio recordings now is from the same opera. The site is slowly absorbing all the worst things that Facebook has right now. Convenience, benefit to people, and protection of their data are not even secondary issues for current owners.

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