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  1. World peace is difficult, because initially aggression is one of the most natural ways to achieve what you want in the animal world. And we are, conditionally, nine-tenths of animals. We have a thin shell of reason, cultural and social norms, and social morals, but most of us are still animals. The wolf wants to eat and kills the sheep. A deer wants a female and fights with another deer. The female mantis needs to lay eggs and bites off the male's head after copulation. Lions fight for territory and pride. Pay attention to the children in the sandbox, often their first impulse to achieve what they want is to push the enemy, or even hit him on the head with a shovel. It is only then that parents come running and start explaining that “this is not possible” and “it is not good to fight”.�

    So, when people have some important goals, in their opinion, the public taboo on violence dissolves and people resort to aggression. Often they also justify this with beautiful fairy tales about “for the common good”. After all, eliminating a competitor physically is the most effective way to beat them. People constantly have competing interests, mainly the struggle is for resources, of course (read money), and for power. When conflicts escalate to a certain extent, people return to the good old aggression. It is impossible to create a world in which people do not have conflicting desires, we still have at least a shortage of resources, someone eats conditional grouse with pineapples, and another does not have enough for bread.

  2. This is subjective , in my opinion, its complexity is relatively simple, you can do anything, there are no limits , we drive ourselves into the framework, it's easier to live with them.

  3. To answer your question, I will answer you in the words of A. Einstein: “A person is a part of the whole that we call the universe, a part limited in time and space. He feels himself, his thoughts and feelings as something independent and unique, which is a kind of optical illusion. This delusion forces us to live in an illusory world of our own desires and limit ourselves to communicating with a narrow circle of people close to us. Our task is to overcome the stagnation of thinking and embrace the whole world, in all its grandeur and splendor.” With respect.

  4. The world is complicated because there is no unity of faith, views, aspirations, there is no single paradigm, a single scale of values and definitions of good and evil, the meaning of life and its origin. That is why at all times in different countries there was an idea to unite everyone under one ideology and one person. But there is another problem – ideologies turned out to be false (communism, fascism, Nazism, racism, etc.). Only the Truth can unite the world, but firstly, not everyone believes that absolute Truth exists, secondly, not everyone is generally interested in such a subject as Truth, and thirdly, people prefer their own, private “truths” and no one is going to give up. Because of this, the entire history of the world has seen conflicts, wars, disputes, squabbles, the struggle of ideas and ideologies, religions, philosophies and civilizations built on different views of being. The world therefore has a different task-if you want to understand more about the world and its development, read the New Testament (Gospel).
    By the way, there is a very interesting description of the reason for the complexity of the world – as if the answer to your question. It is given in a symbolic, allegorical form and it consists in the fact that as shown, the world is ruled by a Dragon with seven heads, and do you have any idea what this means? Seven heads will never agree among themselves who is in charge.)

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