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  1. And bread, for example, we eat with our hands. And we touch a lot of things on the table with our hands. And on the table we put the same bread, the same forks and spoons (when they are still clean, before eating).�

    In general, there is such an experiment. Smear your hands with something like hand cream with soot. You will see how dirt spreads. They put their hands on their faces and didn't even notice it. They adjusted their glasses, touched their nose, their ear – all the standard automatic movements that we don't notice. They touched their lips, rubbed their eyes. That's all, the microbes got on the mucous membrane.

    In fact, hand washing does not kill all germs and is not intended for this purpose, it is necessary to ensure that there are not too many germs. For this purpose, there are rituals during the day when the number of microbes is reduced. And to remove them from your hands almost completely, Google how a surgeon should wash his hands ) for example

    So, at what point do you wash your hands to wash away the virus that causes warts? Do you already wash your hands when you enter the house? And before that, you don't have time to touch the handles, the place where you put the keys, etc.? So there is a virus in the house. And, perhaps, by washing your hands before eating, you will wash it off.

    Just recently it was:

    Why wash your eggs before cooking?

  2. You don't have to wash your hands. Have you seen how many people eat at McDonald's every day with their bare hands? How many of them wash their hands? And how many of them died from germs?

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