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  1. First of all, no, there weren't many of them. There are a lot more of them now.

    Secondly, the following circumstances contribute to the seeming impression that there are many of them:

    • ancient philosophers are much more famous due to their school education, and a modern person can easily name a dozen, but it is difficult to remember at least one modern philosopher.
    • now you can be a physicist, biologist, sociologist, priest/theologian, mathematician, but then you could only be a philosopher.
  2. There have always been many philosophers, but now there are no fewer of them. The fact is that in Ancient Greece there were conditions for the development of intellectual movement, the Greeks valued education and had free time, which was accumulated at the expense of slave labor. In addition, Greece aggregated the works of other thinkers (India and Egypt), so that people had all the conditions for developing their intellectual base.

  3. One of Socrates ' disciples asked him for advice on whether or not to marry.
    “marry – you will get a good wife, you will be happy in your marriage, a bad one-you will become a philosopher…

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