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  1. With an IQ of 54, he could hardly have made films. This level of intelligence is on the lower edge of self-service abilities.

    I don't know where you get such tests, which on two approximately identical people give a spread of 70 and 150 points. Which of my friends and acquaintances I didn't test on one test (I won't find it now) always turned out to be 95-125. I also have a friend who scored 160 points, and this person is bearded, can write complex matan and writes operating systems.

    in general, it is unlikely to be beyond 70-130, because tests are specially prepared in such a way as to get a normal distribution of results with the top of the curve at point 100.

  2. It depends on which tests. I went back to the era when the 486s were cool computers. Therefore, the test was given on ordinary cardboard cards-tube-analog. On the computer, too, there was some kind of test, but primitive, like a lie-true. It all lasted two and a half hours. The load is incredible for a schoolboy-apparently especially taking into account fatigue. 124 points or 126, I don't remember. In general, they printed on a piece of paper that usually for applicants 90 is the norm (three quarters), 120 is outstanding results (slightly less than a quarter) and 140 was scored by some geniuses . Again, this is an analog test. In the end, this was the case at the institute — 75 percent of cram students, the rest are just bored, but among them scientific battles are arranged at seminars. Which somehow fits into the Pareto — 80/20 distribution rule.

  3. People, can any of you even clearly explain what intelligence is?

    Don't you think it's counterintuitive that:

    there is no exact concept of what it is,�

    and the tests for verification ponapridumyvali.

    What exactly do these tests check?

    And if a Chukchi doesn't know how to use the elevator, is he a moron? I'd like to see the smartest office clerk somewhere in the tundra.

    But as for Stallone, I believe it, because this character is not used to thinking, he solves all his problems in a different way.

  4. This is not what Wikipedia says. There are legends on the Internet that he has both 54 and 161 (I would rather believe in the latter). Such reports, unfortunately, are worthless, since the original source cannot be found.

  5. Uh-huh, the iq test is just one of many parameters that can be used to assess a person's intelligence and intelligence.
    After all, there are people who can only pass tests and solve logic problems in their lives, but they can't do anything else, zeros in practice, ones on paper. Everything is relative.

    I have 154, but I'm a fool-a fool (self-critical), curiosity in my head is more than knowledge, experience and attempts more than skills. Apparently, the potential is high, and the talent is innate!
    Many simply impatient people just randomly poke questions with pictures, which is why smart people have strangely low results.
    I even passed the triple nine tests (I didn't pass, a wild idea for aliens, my brain boils and breaks).

    My ex-wife has an IQ of 68, and she passed various tests – it wasn't higher, as a result, they rounded it up to 68)). Despite the fact that she really has great hands, capacious brains, high ingenuity and beautiful speech, but she just hates tests, especially with pictures. Well, if she's retarded, she's probably the most brilliant retard in the world.

    1. What is the IQ test? They are actually different. Here people have an IQ of 145, they say, while the scale of the classic Eysenck test ends at 140.

    2. Who told you that Stallone has 54?

    3. Even if you ate on one of the 54 tests, this does not mean that the test is exactly the one in which an IQ below 7 is considered a mental retardation.

    Please note: none of the IQ tests on the Internet will give you a real result. The Menza test is one of the closest online tests to reality, but still its results should be checked in real life in accordance with the methodology for evaluating IQ tests.

  6. To begin with, you need to imagine where all this fashion for IQ came from and who actually started to figure it out 50 years ago . There is a test program that is as old as the author Hans Isaac himself. He's an English psychologist . His book of tests was published in 1971. And at first it was perceived by the Americans with hostility . It was initially tested in schools . In principle, it is relevant there . It has long been available for free sale everywhere . In Russia in Russian with Russian variants of букв letter puzzles . The last two ” paragraphs “raise questions . In principle, they are all based on the ability to solve problems . Isaac doesn't have a speed problem . there is a test for abstinent thinking . You can train on them . But now games like Lumosity have brought out such an indicator as the LPI rather the Learning Progress Index / Learning ability coefficient . Because the brain is a collection of nerve cells .Its sposrobnosti depend on the environment in which the person grew up and on the age and physical condition , that is, the presence of injuries or lack of blood vessels, on the information that he has absorbed over a quarter, and so on . Hockins has never tested his IQ / Einstein either, but teretircheski below 60 is a loosely connected speech in one language . I have at least three of them in my luggage . So duck� or joke colleagues in Hollywood .

  7. IQ tests – an absolute hat, – a little logic and the ability to count. The main “vital” parameters are not taken into account. How many times passed, the same result: from 127 to 155 approximately, it seems to be normal. So forget it. There are many tests that check the head in a comprehensive way. There you will find mathematics and logic, and imaginative thinking, and even linguistics. Google it yourself))), mostly for a fee)))

  8. The test for the level of Intelligence Quotient, or Intelligence Quotient, was developed a century ago, morally outdated, and was generally intended for children.

    This test is necessary to determine the level of erudition, “absorption of knowledge”, and the subsequent distribution of children in school classes and individual schools with different levels of workload.

    The test does not take into account highly specialized knowledge and is not able to give a clear answer about the level of qualification and training of an adult within his profession.

    To date, this test is just entertainment, like a crossword puzzle, and it is not able to give at least some relevant results.


  9. Most likely,the source who provided you with data on Sylvester's IQ is lying . Most likely, this is a simple duck that has nothing to do with reality.
    In general, the test for the level of intelligence can not be utilitarian, because all people think differently. If a person has passed a certain test poorly, this does not make him mentally disabled.In order to adequately assess a person's intellectual abilities , a group of tests is needed, which will have a much broader scope. Most IQ tests do not test the “level of intelligence”, but banal logic.

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