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  1. Yes, quite, only under the influence of this psychoactive substance is it worth every possible way to talk heart-to-heart with people close in spirit, to draw some conclusions about your condition, you can talk out. In that case, a global binge might help.

  2. It will only help you become an alcoholic.

    When depressed, you should first raise your serotonin and dopamine levels. A great way is to exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet.

  3. Many people start drinking alcohol in a state of depression. They think that by “washing down their grief”, they will get rid of their problems, relieve tension, and relax. Under the influence of strong drinks, problems are forgotten, life regains its bright beauty. However, the effect of alcohol passes, and the problem remains. After drinking alcohol, the feeling of despair increases.

  4. I answer based on my own experience. It helps. But only for as long as you are under its influence. Then it can be: 1. Only worse, the causes of depression will also be joined by the impact of a stupid act-drinking 2. – It will help if, as a result of drinking, you forget about the causes of depression itself, or they already seem insignificant to you. not worth paying attention to.

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