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  1. You see, if your knowledge of the language is at a low level, it is difficult to talk about a big benefit. On the contrary, there may be some uncertainty, irritation to yourself due to the inability to make out the scene only from the picture, and even with an off-screen laugh. You'll think, ” Everyone's laughing, but I don't understand a damn thing.” And Raj with his accent, or Kripke with his lisp. But phonemic hearing will be useful, and I don't think it will harm auditory perception in general either. Another situation is if you have a good command of the language, then take a look. Many puns (puns), unfortunately, are not translatable, despite the best efforts of the respected Mr. Kolesnikov. On the other hand, the same Kolesnikov do such a job of conveying these puns that having knowledge of the language I look strictly in courage-bombay. Just funnier. Holy crap – I like it much better as a holy cow.

  2. Why ask! If you like the English language and TV series, watch it.�

    There are no miracles.�

    Only if there is a desire, you can combine the pleasant with the useful.

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