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  1. Amused)) A question after the ageless cartoon about Simon the Cat.�

    Unfortunately or fortunately, slow introverts are rarely found among cats, but almost all psychotypes of domestic cats differ in rancor or just a good state of memory. I do not think that a real cat owner will think to wake up his pet every time he falls asleep, because no matter how long-suffering the pet is, the slippers will be ruined.) So the answer to the question is rather positive, without going into details. Sorry for the cat. With such a dislike of the owner, a nervous breakdown is guaranteed for him, at worst-a heart attack.

  2. The previous person wrote that it's pointless to be offended by someone who depends on your life, blablabla.The point is that cats are not people,for them a constant violation of sleep(by a human owner, not a master), in which they are most of their lives, is perceived as aggression.My aunt is constantly playing with her cat and does not let him sleep periodically.HE HATES HER. With the whole family, only from her he constantly hides, only her he does not lick and only her he gnaws a little(I will not talk about how he shits on her bed and things).

  3. Even if you have accumulated a large reserve of love for the owner, the cat will soon scratch every time you try to touch it. He will be offended for a while. Will avoid and hide. If the limit of patience collapses, it will certainly not be up to love. Start taking revenge. The cat depends on the owner less than all other animals, no matter how domestic it is.

    It is very strange from the zoopsychologist above to hear comparisons with children. Children's hatred of their parents is a familiar thing, with a certain type of parents. The slaves were also dependent on their masters, but there was no sign of adoration.

  4. Well, I wake up my own every time I get close and see this sleeping honey (well, how can I not touch him when he's so cute?) and there is no hatred.
    But if you set up an experiment and really wake the cat up after each attempt to fall asleep, then most likely you can forget about love, as well as about the cat's health. A person can live without sleep from 2 to 5 days without irreversible consequences, I think this period is much shorter in cats.

  5. Ho-hoo. now I know what revenge my cat will get for pissing, for hanging on the wallpaper and constantly leaving its fur on my nose. Let's hate each other together }=] idyll, harmony, all the bullshit :3

  6. Cats in life are extreme athletes and hunters. I saw an old cat hunting. He dozed for hours in a low-start position, curling into a spring and twitching his ears in the direction of each rustle.He could also sleep on a thin tree branch, constantly controlling himself, always ready to slide and fall this way and that. So savage cats never sleep soundly, this is at least dangerous. And you are more likely to get neurosis yourself than cause a sleep disorder in such a cat.

  7. And I want to add that cats are very vindictive animals , for any school in their direction they take revenge constantly, this is passed on personal experience, so I don't know about sleep, but about vindictiveness my answer is given

  8. No, the feeling of hatred for the owners of pets does not happen in principle! What's the point of hating someone you're totally dependent on and who knows a lot more about life than you do? This is even more unnatural than a child's hatred of their parents.

    But there will be a neurosis – that's for sure! Cats need a lot more sleep than humans, because their sleep is very different. The nervous system, deprived of rest and the ability to recover, will react first with stress and general irritability, then chronic insomnia will lead to the fact that the animal will not be able to sleep even at rest. The result is a cool neurasthenia and God forbid that there are no psychosomatic diseases.

    So if a cat starts scratching and biting under these conditions, it will not be a manifestation of hatred as a meaningful attitude, but simply a nervous breakdown.

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