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  1. There were 2 times such, 1 time in 17-18 years, the second-in 20, depending on what bulls you will come across, is it possible to talk to the most adequate? If not, there's nothing you can do about it. Either lie down or fight. The first time I was kicked, and the second time I managed to tear the” leader ” cheek with a broken bottle. The shattered psyche made itself felt. I don't want people like me who are unbalanced to get into such situations.

  2. These 5 people didn't just fuck up just to “talk”. they originally intended to beat you, squeeze your mobile phone, take money, and so on. if you are not sure of your abilities , you can always try to escape. But if you have nowhere to go, as was sung in one song: “take a brick and give back.” I don't think anyone's going to kill you on purpose, so you'll only get bruises and bumps. and in the future, since you are asking such a question, it is better to enroll in some martial arts section, pump up. because, first of all, everyone evaluates a person based on their physical characteristics ( I'm talking about attackers).

  3. I'm definitely not a fighter… I'm a gunslinger. I always carry my gun and holster… Just don't pretend to be a Lemonade Joe. No pathos, no speeches or warnings. If they came to a shootout with their fists , that's their problem.

  4. Carry a small plastic container with concentrated hydrochloric or nitric acid. And in such situations, just spray on the cattle.

  5. Such situations I had IRL.
    First, you should try to solve everything verbally. And see who you're dealing with. If they are youngsters under the age of 18 , you can try to play all-in and attack the one who will boldly “market” with you – the psychology of youngsters is such that they can run away in all directions if they see that their leader has been beaten. And in general, youngsters are a pack. Each individual is a coward, the strength is in the pack.
    Of these five, there is bound to be someone who likes to hit surreptitiously. Therefore, in the” conversation ” we take a position with our backs closer to the wall. We will need this even in the worst case scenario. We control the position of all participants in the “conversation”. �
    If you've already started hitting them, no heroics in the form of backstrokes, etc.P. (as long as you hit someone in the face, they'll take out your facade completely, or even worse, they'll cut it down, and then they'll definitely knock out the khan) � – we sit on the floor, our backs close to the wall, cover our head with our hands, the face is a sort of fetal pose covering our head. The legs are bent together at the knees and protect the chest and stomach. In this position, even the most powerful kicks will not cause much damage.
    Practice shows that kicking a person quickly gets boring. Only complete thugs can do this for more than a minute.

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