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  1. I've been thinking about this issue for 2 weeks now. But I couldn't think of anything better than “the boy wants to go to tambo”. I could not understand why this boy wants to go to this tambo so much and what tambo is in general. I thought it was something African for some reason. When I was a teenager, I found out that he wanted to go to Tambov, but to be honest, I still don't understand why he wants to go to Tambov.

    There was also a funny story with a song from soldiers. With lines:

    “The soldier goes home today is a day off, all krasiiivy, the badge glows!”

    I watched soldiers on TV and couldn't understand why a song with the interjection “badge”sounds right on TV. Only by the end of the series did I realize that the badge on the belt was actually there)

    If I remember something else, I will definitely add it.

    Now I listened to the Aria and remembered two more cases – they have problems with diction in general))

    “I hear the morning bell,
    He's an OUTSIDER!”

    Still have some questions for the carefree angel:

    “And in the living room by candlelight, he danced as BEST he COULD.”

  2. Oh… I'm generally a bore – if I don't understand something, I search the Internet for lyrics and try to get to the bottom of it (and find meaning even in meaningless modern songs). But I remember that as a child I sang very confidently “We are floating on an ice floe, like a foreman” and did not see anything strange in this until my mother started laughing)))

    And there was also a joke in my teaching practice. There is such a song about an octopus with the words ” He walks boldly on the bottom and the elements are nothing to him…”. My student sang very cheerfully: “He walks boldly in hell…” It cost me a lot of work not to laugh, sorry, hysterically, but very pedagogically (I hope) to correct the child.

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