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  1. On the contrary, all the textures that make up us are cellular, that is, they consist of cells-living matter, which continuously multiply and divide, creating their own likenesses. If you slightly exaggerate, then you can just as accurately formulate that we consist of infusoria-shoes and are not actually us, but a huge colony of bacteria of different “nationalities”, in general similar to an anthill or a swarm of bees in flight. Millennials are very fond of coined phrases, but they also need to be compiled by first reading at least a couple of popular articles on the Internet

  2. All words are made up of letters that are individually meaningless. Does this make the words “really” meaningless? Obviously, the meaning of words is a widely shared convention. This is the boundary between the living and the inanimate – the widely shared convention that starting from a certain level of complexity, a system inherently acquires the property of “living”. Just like groups of letters, they acquire the “meaningful word” property in an emergent way.

  3. You're wrong. The human body is created by living nature, namely: the four elements. which materialize into organs.

    Fire – sexual organs and the reproductive system. Fires in apartments and houses.

    Water – the lymphatic system. Floods in apartments.

    Air –blood, urinary system, lungs. Speech.

    Earth – the bone system, the skin that creates a person's shape. Collapse of houses, rubble.

    The sun projects a person's heart and coronary system.

    Therefore, human health depends on the purity of the state of the elements. And a person also affects the state of the elements in the same way.

    For example: the mass nature and lack of control of information excites the air with hurricanes.

    Freedom of movement and ignoring borders-encourages water to ignore and disrupt the banks.

    So everything around a person is quite alive. And the Earth is a place only for the living.

  4. This is sophistry. You don't say that you eat carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, you say that you eat meat, bread, vegetables, fruits. Just because a living thing is made up of non-living elements doesn't make it dead. Various combinations of such inanimate elements make up the diversity of the Earth's biosphere. Although the question of how inanimate atoms joined together to become a living molecule, a living organism, what connection makes inanimate things alive, is more than interesting.

  5. Roughly speaking,
    1 person consists of cells, and they are alive
    2 dividing a living person into separate cells is murder
    3 if you kill a living person, then it becomes dead.
    I think you knew this without me, because the sum of the parts is not at all like a living whole)
    Lips will not whisper “I love” if it's just the lips)

  6. Life is the process of executing a program of the genetic code.

    After the creation of the first human zygote cell, the process of executing the DNA program located in it begins.

    All organs, their creation and functioning are registered in the genetic code. Not a single hair grows on its own.

    There is no” living ” matter, there is only the genetic code involved in the execution of the program, but it is constantly updated, only the program is constant.

    We are alive while the program is running and dead when it stops running.

    So the essence of life is not in living/inanimate matter, but in the process of executing the program of personal code – the program of life.

  7. All this is just a game of words, a game of meanings and a game of worldviews). For some reason, people always associate living things with biology (organic matter), but what about other forms – they are dead?! No, they live their own lives, they have a structure that preserves internal stability (think of such an academic discipline as the resistance of materials). They are subject to self-organization-stars, planets, galaxies, the universe itself. And finally, planetary evolution with homo sapiens as a temporary link in large-scale transformations.

  8. Materials are not everything. It is important to combine them in the right proportions and according to the right plan, as well as spiritualize them with the soul and spirit. That's when the soul and spirit leave the body, then begins the destruction of all structures and decomposition into inanimate materials. But a person's personality is not a body, but a soul.

  9. Yes, this is the discovery of British scientists-if you divide a person into parts, all the materials that make up him will become inanimate, and you will actually die

  10. First, you need to understand what is Matter in the Universe in general, as a physical given.

    Let's take as the most logical and perfect model of Multiverses.

    Beginning. We have a certain amount of initial material,let's call it dust.Then we put two opposite charges in it,or substances of pramama and propapa,and a violent fission and synthesis reaction begins.There is a multiplicity of new matters due to thermal, light, nuclear, gravitational and many other factors.

    Middle. Due to the unique environmental conditions, new substances are formed in some areas-bacteria, viruses, microbes.Parasitizing in safe environments, these new substances, gathering in hosts, conglomerates, form new organisms.

    We can say that we, along with the rest of the “living” beings on planet Earth,are handfuls of “solid” matter,such as various alloys,minerals, enclosed in a bloody bubble of microbe colonies.

    All substances in the universe are of the same origin.Whether it is an alloy of metals of the planet, or the core of a star,or ion,proton, uranus accelerated and formed by lightning and gravity of the star,or Uncle Vasya of forty years, recently divorced from Aunt Masha on the planet Earth.All of us, or more precisely, ALL of us are particles and products of the same huge and complex organism, and sooner or later,we will become dust again.

    There is only one constant and immutable quantity in the universe-Entropy.

    The end.A huge Void, dark, just Dust.

  11. So what materials does a person consist of? This is brick, concrete, and in general what was meant? Matter, substance, or something else? Incorrect and childish question.

  12. You are on your foolishness of struggle and its derivatives such as religion, business, and so live the life of the dead, you are finished off by parasites called by you higher than that there and gods, and all with your permission. Good luck with your extinction, since it's your choice.

  13. We are not “dead”, we are not even “alive” in the usual sense. It is clear that we are made up of inanimate materials, atoms… (you can call it whatever you want to infinity, it all depends on the level of organization of our body given). Separately: pieces of meat, together: a collection of meat that is able to perform simple, but complicated in quantity actions, processes. If you take a brain cell , then it is not a person(the human mind is hidden in it), if you take several cells and combine them, then there will be a brain, and therefore a person himself – this is the peculiarity of living things. And what this living thing will be made of is no longer important. It is important to follow logic here. In short, if a person is a collection of inanimate matter that is individually capable of functioning together, then it is already the very “living” that has a special value, because it automatically creates a new level of organization and makes it possible to look at the living not separately, but as a whole. So, we are alive, and separately-separately alive, who are dead.

  14. If we take and compare something alive and something dead, then at some level we will come to the conclusion that the difference between one object and another will be only in one thing: in the composition of living matter there will be a soul, and in non-living matter there is no soul. That's all. Only the presence of the soul makes living matter alive.
    Then the question arises: what is the “soul”? The answer is found in the second chapter of Bhagavad-gita, in which Lord Krsna explains the term to Arjuna.

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  16. We weren't there once and …it won't happen again, but for some reason we flashed in this time differential. Now integrate and get the Creator itself. In the same way, in the opposite direction, the archetype of life is the Creator. The ring closed. Look for the Creator and you will understand whether you are alive or just seeming.

  17. God created the world and man. It controls a person through a change in consciousness (forms of consciousness). On the website “Aryan Analytics. To the question of managing reality.”

  18. The letter x does not contain anything indecent. It does not contain anything indecent and the letter y. But if you put these letters side by side, and even add a third to them, you will get a very indecent word. Similarly, in nature, non-living components make a living being. This is what systems analysis teaches us.

  19. And I have a counter question: Is an inanimate person dead? In my opinion, yes. An unborn person alive? Definitely not. Therefore, he is dead. Then it turns out that all those born live after death? Therefore, there is life after death?

  20. Separately, everything in the body is alive. Bacteria account for 70% of a person's weight. Protein, etc. Write down what is sweet about a person's body? Well, except for the cut nails and the epidermis, which is boiled after renewal. But he is also “alive” And in the spacecraft…”some people have a lot of life!!!

  21. Perhaps all matter is made up of living, moving particles.Otherwise, there would be no movement in the universe ,and all matter would just hang statically in zero gravity.And life on Earth is a symbiosis of these particles evolved to the ability to feel everything around you to study and change.One small one doesn't do anything, and when a lot of people do the same thing, it's very simple.

  22. No, we are not dead because a person is a collection of different things,a whole living organism with reason, intelligence, logic, and so on.Any formally separated non-living part will no longer be a person, but only a part of it.
    Is a piece of meat a person?I don't think.Whether a person is a piece of meat is also not clear.The first is because it is a piece and the second is because the whole cannot be a piece.I think so.

  23. The undead consists of a Living Person, but this is not an answer to the question, but rather a statement.

    Because when thinking is virtualized, other state realizations are activated.

    But this is available only in Deep Space, conditionally, ” after Saturn, but not Mars or Jupiter (Phaeton)”.

  24. I completely agree with the user under the nickname “Nikita K.”, who pointed out the emergence of complex systems, their non-additivity, and irreducibility to composite elements. This is an ancient and difficult problem that Buddha and Democritus were already struggling with. Alas, they failed to solve it, and hence the conclusion: the whole teaching about the salvation of the Buddha is good only for the dog down the drain. The solution was found by Aristotle, who proposed a complex, but at the same time integral (read – emergent) hypostasis as the substance of the world. And hence the complex “politics”, no less complex “ethics”, and then “physics”, “psychology”, etc., the entire encyclopedic complex of sciences. It doesn't matter that it has a lot of errors. The main thing is that it is systematic and integral. Pay attention to this: Aristotle is the father of the system approach.

  25. Life is not a set of elements, but a chain of constant biochemical reactions (death, by the way, too, but the reactions are different). In general, science has not yet answered the question “What is life” accurately and exhaustively. There are objects that are neither this nor that, a transitional form, so to speak. For example, viruses. They can stay in a non-living state for thousands of years in the most severe external conditions (open space, for example), but once in a favorable environment they come to life and show the properties of living matter.

  26. A computer even with an operating system installed on it is dead until it is turned on. But some people are essentially dead, even though they are built on the same DNA molecules as normal people.

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