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  1. Really. If you honestly think before yourself.

    In nature now there is not even a desire for development at all. Only survival, as the meaning of life-just like people who live far from society. By the way, there are such examples when people in difficult places begin to move on all fours.

  2. No, it's not logical :))

    For starters, you're very confused. Man was not descended from an ape! Both ape and human descended from a common ape-like ancestor. These are just different paths of evolution that diverged quite a long time ago.�

    http://antropogenez.ru/catalog-hominids/ – here you can get acquainted with the pedigree of a person.�

    And the fact that a person runs wild outside of society is connected with society. Only by being in a cultural environment can we socialize and apply cultural skills.

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