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  1. There is no such thing as a strictly defined future either in the microcosm (quantum world) or in the macrocosm (Newtonian world). In reality, there is no dividing line between them, but describing the interaction of a person and a stone in the language of a wave function is nonsense primarily because the system is not closed and the number of parameters is infinite (a person can get a stroke/heart attack before approaching the stone, or a meteorite will cover a person with a stone immediately, or hemorrhoids/sciatica/urinary incontinence, or his cell phone will ring and he will forget about the stone, or stumble on a stone and die , or …

    But there is another approach in the reference frame of the stone and without wave functions. The average age of an ordinary roadside rock is about 2 billion years. What only this stone has not seen in its lifetime and at what only distances it has not moved. Even if the interaction of a person with a stone lasts 1 day, for a stone it will take about one trillionth of its life. So the stone is unlikely to notice a person, no matter how hard he tries and what he thinks about himself.

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