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  1. If by “new ideas about the universe” we mean a change in the scientific paradigm, similar to the one that occurred in the XX century with the creation of the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics, then nothing on such a large scale is expected in the coming years (at least in physics). And what will happen in the distant future (if humanity does not die out by that time or plunge into the chaos of cyberpunk or utopian consumer stagnation) is impossible to predict.

    If you fantasize, you may find evidence that our cosmological concepts, including the dark energy and dark matter hypotheses, are fundamentally incomplete or erroneous, or vice versa, these types of matter will be found experimentally. Perhaps new fundamental interactions and particles will be discovered (including supersymmetry), or hidden dimensions of space-time (perhaps compact, as in strings and Kaluza-Klein models, or extended, as in brane models). Perhaps the proverbial unified theory of everything will be built (and not necessarily within the framework of the string paradigm), which would not only explain the nature of space-time, but also make it possible to subtly manipulate it. Perhaps an understanding of quantum theory will be achieved that will allow us to establish the truth of its interpretations (for example, to test the theory of the multiverse). Perhaps, the hypotheses about wormholes, warp engines and time machines, which are quite seriously discussed in hundreds of scientific publications today, will be discovered (or finally closed). Perhaps extraterrestrial (even intelligent) life will be discovered. Perhaps the “difficult problem of consciousness” will be solved, and physicalism will be definitively proved or disproved (although this is hardly possible to imagine). Perhaps it will be proved that the universe is not a simulation (or a simulation). But all this-I repeat-if it happens, it is unlikely to happen in our lifetime. Although who knows?…

  2. The universe-there is EVERYTHING at ONCE! And it all starts with a proper understanding of the terms Time, distance, charges, mass, and energy. And that the root of minus one is minus one.

  3. The fantasy world is limitless…
    You can come up with a lot of different things, but you still need to adhere to the logical framework. Any invented process should have an energy justification and not contradict the laws of conservation of energy in the first place.

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