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  1. I have this theory: before death, a person of course has time to think about something and this thought of ours can last 5 seconds, but for us it will be an eternity as the brain will no longer be able to think about nothing turns out all the time one picture or movement will repeat all the moments from life and every time we will think that Well, maybe?

  2. Death is the path to a new birth, the universe itself will create this or another “form of life, we are born again after death, but it is not known what kind of “universe” will recreate us, and if we take into account the infinite birth after “death, then we will be born infinitely as people and will be all” living beings in the universe, because all the particles of the universe ” are in a constant cycle of birth.

  3. Let me draw your attention to the illogical answers given in this topic. If the question is asked: “What will happen after death”, then the person who denies life after death must challenge the question itself. Just because an answer like this: “After death, nothing will happen” does not correspond to a competent logical construction. I will explain my words. The condition “after death” means overcoming the condition “death”. In other words, “after death” is no longer death, but something else. And these are not my personal inventions, but classical philosophy and logic: If you cross the boundaries of one phenomenon, you will inevitably have to deal with another phenomenon.

    The logical answer in this situation would be :” The very statement of the question 'What will happen after death?' is incorrect, because death is a condition that is observed forever.” However, even to voice such an idea, for supporters of complete and final death, for some reason, is very unusual.

    Now my answer. It follows from what is written above:�

    AFTER death, there will be another phenomenon or condition. And since any condition other than death can lead to life (remember how so-called inorganic substances were organized into living organisms), the probability of life after death is extremely high.

  4. There will be an autopsy, there will be a burial, there will be tears of loved ones(if there are any), but you will not see all this anymore. With the death of your brain, you will cease to exist once and for all. You will remain only in the memories of those who knew you, in photos, and here on the site(if the site is still working).

  5. Nothing will happen.
    Your self-awareness and thinking are possible only with the functioning of the brain.
    When a person dies, his body ceases to function and he is no longer able to think.
    Actually, a person after death will never feel anything again.
    Various cadaveric phenomena will begin: drying, cooling, rigor mortis, etc.
    “..you will be wearing a wooden macintosh and there will be music playing in your house, but you will not hear it. “Operation S.

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