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  1. “Answer honestly” – this is how you push for the correct answer that you have previously determined?

    Only the person himself and those who are responsible for him can talk about his meaning of life.

    From the point of view of other rulers, the powerful of this world, your and my life also has no meaning, you can do with it what they thought was important today, make a world revolution or bomb the United States.

  2. Meaning for whom? For himself, his parents, society or the state?

    However, in any case, everything is individual and only private, specific situations are subject to consideration, it is impossible to say for the whole of Odessa.�

    Even the very notion of “meaning” is extreme… fuzzy, so to speak.

  3. If the meaning of life for you is to work and take care of yourself, then no.

    And so a person can devote his life to anything, like Stephen Hocking, for example ( yes, he is disabled not from childhood, I know, but still).

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