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  1. If we are talking about the philosophical research of Aristotle (he was also engaged in science, in the sense of the word at that time), then of course it is still relevant.

    In at least three directions.

    1. Ethics. In the twentieth century, English-speaking philosophers rediscovered the ethics of virtue, which contributed to a new view of modern problems (for example, Elizabeth Anksom, Alasdair MacIntyre).

    2. Political philosophy. The question of the best structure of the state has not disappeared, moreover, today our realities are close to those of Greece (only instead of the agora – the Internet).

    3. Philosophy of art. For example, the concept of catharsis and the description of a tragedy are still controversial topics.

  2. Aristotle's philosophical concepts consisted in his positions of realism, where, in contrast to Plato, he pointed out the imperfection of the concept of “the world of ideas and the world of things.”

    At the moment, his reasoning is only partially applicable, in fact, a significant part of the philosophical trends of our time is based on it.

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