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  1. In fact, the difference between these concepts is quite profound. Equality does not always mean equality. As an example, we can consider the situation with gender equality in Russia.

    Formally, equality is established in the country. With the exception of some special features ( for example: list of positions that cannot be held by women, different retirement ages, etc.), men and women in Russia are recognized as equal.

    However, this legal norm does not mean real equality. So, men in Russia earn significantly more than women, if the number of women in the position of head in our country, the Russian Federation is among the leaders, then in top management there are only 7%, and in parliament only 15.8% (source: https://www.rbc.ru/society/17/12/2019/5df871c89a79475f78e074d4)

    At the same time, formally, let me remind you, gender discrimination is prohibited in Russia, and it is impossible to artificially lower the salary of female employees, prevent them from participating in elections, and so on. Equality that does not ensure equality.

    This is not related to formal institutions, laws, or rights. These are informal practices that transform slowly because they have so much inertia.

  2. Equality is only possible in mathematics. And that in higher mathematics is replaced by the term “identity”. In nature and in society, however, there can be no equality by definition. Everyone is born different, with different physical strength, intelligence and starting capabilities. This is a given that cannot be ignored.

    Equality, in contrast to equality, is theoretically possible, since it operates in the legal sphere. However, in practice, it is also difficult to implement, although it is declared by most countries. This is such a dream of humanity.

  3. Of course not, it's like comparing warm with soft.

    Equality is a legal category. If all formal laws do not distinguish between a person's gender in any way , then this is ideal equality.

    As you can see, in reality this is hardly possible, and it is not necessary. There is a sufficient level of equality that allows women to realize most of their desires and opportunities. Or did women want to be forced to serve in the army?

    Equality is a category of what happens in reality. Equality is absolutely unattainable, let alone between the sexes, or between two people in general. Because all people have different physical and mental capabilities, different preferences, and different social roles. And they also need several different types of medicine.

  4. The words are different, so it's not the same thing 🙂

    Equality is a broader concept than equality. Equality, as it is easy to understand from the name-equality of rights. And then there is equality of opportunities, freedoms, and responsibilities…

  5. Initially, in the slogan of the Great French Revolution, “Egalite” is really the same thing as” equality”, i.e. equality of all before the law.

    “All citizens are equal before it (the law) and therefore have equal access to all posts, public offices and occupations according to their abilities and without any other distinctions than those due to their virtues and abilities.”

    (“Declaration of Human and Civil Rights”)

    Before that, representatives of different classes had different rights, even executed aristocrats differently from commoners.

    However, as we have already written here, in Russian, equality is a broader concept, and is used more in the sense of “equality of opportunities” than “equality of rights”.

  6. Of course, it's different.
    God created people not equal, but different. I gave everyone a certain number and quality of talents.
    He created men and women, the healthy and the sick, the rich and the poor, the wise and the fools, the bold and the cowardly, the merry and the sad, the black and the white, etc.
    What can be an a priori equality?
    Let us assume that according to “human” laws we are equal in rights – we have the right to perform the same actions.
    But the question rests on the exercise of their rights.
    A man will never be able to give birth to a child, no matter how many LGBT rights are given.
    A legless man will never be a world champion runner,
    A poor man can't have a Mercedes and a villa on the Riviera.
    The brave will not run from the enemy in mortal danger.
    A deaf person will not write beautiful music (Beethoven is an exception), and a blind person will not write paintings.
    A Negro, no “Tide”, can not be washed (Michael Jackson is an exception).
    Rights are equal, but there is no equality.
    And it never will be. This is just an exaggerated Charlie Chaplin film “The Dictator”, where a machine makes identical German soldiers out of different people, or a society of” intelligent ” biorobots, or absolutely normal people from the point of view of psychiatry.
    Absolute equality – “no Share, no Will”. Here at the cemetery, everyone is equal.
    “I have the right” means only “I have the right”. But I want and I can, this is a different concept. (And don't give a vulgar joke in the comments. I won't rate it).
    With respect.

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