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  1. Apple products in general, and iPhones in particular, have a rather specific target audience – people who are far from technology, who are unable or do not have the desire to understand it, who are satisfied with the neutered functionality of the iPhone in exchange for the mythical “I want everything to work” – musicians, artists, housewives, students of humanities and the like. They were never popular with other people.


  2. What can we talk about if Apple shares are still very expensive, huge queues line up in front of stores after the presentation of the new iPhone model, and this still shows the monetary condition of a person .

    Even grandmothers already have an iPhone , what are you talking about 😂

  3. iPhones are always popular. Once they were popular even deservedly. This is a premium device, I honestly don't quite understand why they are popular and how they deserve it now, but we have something. Personally, I don't like the limitations of the system ( if you used to take comfort in the fact that it is stable and generally trouble-free, now this is not the case) and how Apple earns on everything that is possible and even impossible. iPhone and the company as a whole have a beautiful history. By buying an iPhone, a person buys a piece of this story. If you have enough money to pay a couple of tens of thousands for this story, then go ahead.

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