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  1. The story consists of them. What to say7 After all, it is written, as they say, by the winners. They embellish events, change them so that they will be famous for centuries. And not all sources are accurate in their statements. And they contain such “holes”, inconsistencies with other documents and errors.

  2. I would answer that there are no plot holes in the real world, that is, in “reality”. Of course, here by reality I mean the ” universal fractal similarity “(c) and the chaos of e / m radiation flows that surround us. We never see this reality and perceive it through a bunch of filters and sensors, subjecting it to various cognitive distortions. Further, I will argue that every plot, personal or collective narrative, is a product of consciousness. Consciousness is always relative, that is, the very existence of consciousness implies the division of things into “consciousness” proper and what it refers to. Therefore, any plot, being a product of consciousness, is also relative. Reality is absolute and cannot be fully expressed in the plot. Well, in reality, there are no plot holes, just as there is no plot. And all our personal and collective histories are always full of them, just because of their relativity. In fact, even the very criteria for plot integrity that we use to check for “holes” are relative, which means that if there are no holes from one point of view, it is enough to move it, and holes will probably appear immediately.

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