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  1. Meet the sunrise every morning. Stand facing the Sun and raise your hands up, open palms facing the Sun, as they did in the time of the Pharaohs. Imagine what this Sun is like — colossal dimensions (a million times the volume of the Earth), gigantic radiation energy, crazy magnetic and electric fields, thermonuclear processes of monstrous strength … And this insanely beautiful creation of the Universe has been giving our entire planet the necessary vitality for more than 4 billion years. You are a reasonable person, every atom of which is also born in the stars, welcome this beautiful creation of the universe. — KindMorning-ooo! �You can do the same thing and / or at sunset, but with the words (mentally, shouting) — Thank you-ooo! See you tomorrowaah!

    The response of your greeting will be a drop of crystal-clear energy of the cosmos, which is completely absorbed by the body without any side effects.

  2. They exist. One of them is:

    “Moon Prism, give me the power of Boris the cat.”One of the mandatory conditions is to pronounce loudly, standing on all fours on a balcony with open windows

  3. I really want to make a joke. 🙂 But I will try to answer more or less seriously.

    Thinking of thanking the universe? Duck thank you. In your own words. A prayer, if we allow it, cannot be a clear text on a piece of paper. Create your own prayer, gratitude, and ritual. 🙂 This is what everything is built on. You are an individual with your own Self, character, and thoughts. Convey your individual thoughts to this very universe if you feel the need to do so. All the rituals were invented by humans. How are you worse than other people?

  4. Our cosmos, which is in heaven! Hallowed be your space; let information come from you; let your view be beautiful on Earth, as on cosmic telescopes; let us earn our daily bread; and let us get information from you , too, as we get it on our Land; and introduce us to science, but deliver us from the ignorant. For thine is the energy space and power, and his glory forever. Aluminum.

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