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  1. Of course there is 🙂
    Well, here are some examples:
    1. Who taught the first teacher ?
    2. Who will bury the last person ?
    3. Why are boxing gloves called gloves if they are mittens?!
    4. We are proud that we can find a way out of any problem, but why do we even find an entrance to it?!
    5.Why do we fall asleep faster and better after the alarm goes off?
    Well something like that ✨

  2. In principle, there are questions to which there are no answers. For example, the famous question about the barber in philosophy. Again, the question of primacy in a closed loop is what is primary?

    There is always an answer. Any question can be answered. The problem with its justification. Will the questioner be satisfied with your answer?

  3. There are a lot of such questions. For example, what is happening right now on the far side of the moon in Aitken Crater? And figs knows, maybe what's going on.
    And what is he doing right now …..? And instead of dots, substitute any name of a famous politician, artist, or singer from the list… Yes, of course, this question may be answered by someone after a while, if, of course, the “person on the list” is doing some public activity at this moment, i.e. he is seen by reporters. And if no one sees it, then no one will answer you for sure.
    And what is happening now on …..? And instead of dots, substitute the name of the planet, star, or constellation from the list. No one will answer this question for sure, because no one knows exactly what is going on there.

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