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  1. In fact, most scientists are religious people. Here is an article that describes the results of a large-scale survey on this topic. The article also contains a link to the original research.

    Who is too lazy to read, I will copy the main thing here:

    The study involved 9,422 people of different genders, ages, religious beliefs, and status from universities and research institutes…It found that more than half of scientists from Hong Kong (54 percent), Italy (57 percent), Taiwan (74 percent), India (79 percent) and Turkey (85 percent) consider themselves religious. Atheists make up the majority of scientists in France alone (51 percent). As the researchers predicted, scientists are generally less religious than the general population. However, there are exceptions. So, in Hong Kong, 39 percent of scientists consider themselves religious, while among the entire population of the country, only 20 percent consider themselves religious. In Taiwan, 54 percent of scientists are religious, compared to only 44 percent of the general population.�

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