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  1. I can't say that they are the best. Indeed, as already mentioned, there is our FSB and GRU, there is Mossad, which works wonderfully, and there is MI6. What is certain is that the American intelligence system is one of the biggest, if not the biggest. And this means their large staff, and a large number of different special services (CIA, FBI, NSA and many others), and the number of specialists that they attract to work.

  2. The question, of course, is controversial. Only people who are somehow connected with the special services will be able to fully answer it, but I don't think they will talk about this. There are many worthy special services in the world, famous for various special operations. However, the image of American intelligence agencies may not correspond to reality, because in films they are often attributed a lot and often they appear in the image of such superheroes.�

    It seems to me that Russia and Israel have the best special services. Nevertheless, the famous search for Nazi criminals by the MOSSAD should not be forgotten about the numerous operations of our FSB, GRU and others.

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