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  1. With the exception of childhood, when everything is quite carefree and joyful (although it can also become unbearable due to parents/other children, etc.), life can become shit at any age if you treat it accordingly.

  2. The whiners arrived. Okay. Life becomes shit when you become shit. Just like that, and not the other way around. The world around you is your reflection. You see in him what is in you. If everything around you is shit, make the appropriate conclusions about your person.�

    Yes, many may argue that they, de, have nothing to do with it, and they are pumped up with this very shit by everyone they meet-cross, both adults and peers starting from kindergarten. And I agree with that. Yes. There are a lot of people in the world who are so full of shit that it spills over the edge with every step they take. But I want to invite many people to start taking responsibility for themselves personally. After all, when someone throws you a bowl of this very content – you always have two options-to devour, or ignore. You either fill yourself up with the shit your environment offers you, or you don't do it. In the first case, sooner or later you yourself become a barrel of excrement that obscures your vision, and you see everything through this shitty prism, whine on the Internet, blame everyone for your problems, repost records about how tired everything is, and so on. In the second case, you see the world a little differently. In addition to the foul-smelling corners with their eternal inhabitants, lavender-scented fields, rainbow ponyashki, and other bonuses are available to you. And on TV they show not only football, but also hockey, where our people are doing well (for example).

    In view of the above, it is necessary to perceive one's own attitude to the surrounding world as a litmus test of one's own level of degradation. The recipe is simple. There's shit all around – you're shit. Around Nyasha – you're nyasha.

    And age has nothing to do with it at all.

  3. At any time, at any age.

    Depending on the person.

    And sometimes it seems to me that this often happens to people who have a good mind.

    My sister says, ” I wish I was born a complete fool, then I would have been happy.”


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