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  1. If you consistently start from this phrase, it is easy to explain. See. If I expect something good from other people, I will follow their advice, regardless of their competence, because I believe in their good intentions.

  2. I only know that by ACCEPTING good things from others, you give them the right to decide how to live your life. Since the person who gives you something good expects at least one mind from you, otherwise-why did you accept it?! So while you're just WAITING, don't worry too much. But you should think carefully: do you need it?

  3. This expectation has a downside – disappointment in the event of an unsuccessful “bad”one (in your opinion) the outcome. In this way, you depend on this expectation and give it all the rights to your reaction. The best solution is not to expect “good”, and “bad” too, but to use your mental resources at the moment “now”. As for relationships with people, you need to be able to give them the opportunity to be themselves, without any expectations.

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