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  1. Man cannot be a mistake of nature – the evolutionary process has no design or purpose. This follows from the principle of causality: the cause cannot be in the future. The fittest survives. Species that have been successful may become extinct due to changes in abiotic or biotic factors. For example, synapsids were very successful and diverse, in many ways they were close to mammals and superior to the dinosaurs that “replaced” them. But at the turn of the Permian and Triassic, most of their taxa became extinct. The dinosaurs themselves were also evolutionarily successful for a long time, and then became extinct in a fairly short period of time by geological standards. Creodonts lost the evolutionary race to carnivores and also became extinct. Neanderthals lived in Europe for many thousands of years, enduring the harsh conditions of glaciation, and then became extinct either because of homo sapiens or for other reasons. This is not to say that the extinct taxa were “errors of nature”. Another example is that the appearance of oxygenic photosynthesis caused the “Oxygen Catastrophe” – an event that shook the biosphere. But Cyanobacteria was not a “mistake of nature”. During invasions or events like the Great Inter-American Exchange, a lot of species die out, which are also not “mistakes of nature” – they are just unlucky.

  2. Of course, this option cannot be denied, but there is nothing to confirm it with. If you look at how a person adversely affects nature, which provides him with everything he needs,you can draw this conclusion.

  3. Some people are actually a mistake of nature, less often-a smile of nature. Especially there are a lot of such people among the current brainless rukozhopoy youth, who are ready to do anything, just not to work: neither with their heads nor with their hands. Not all of them, but there are exceptions. And it is good that there is, otherwise there would be no sense of a long life in the country.

  4. Man is a part of nature and cannot be a mistake,but in a particular case he is still a mistake of nature.there is no eternal and humanity is doomed to perish have lived and enough is enough

  5. A mistake of nature..A simple misunderstanding of evolution..Although God had other plans for us..But as always, we did not pass the test of life and therefore became an irreparable mistake of the creator.

  6. Human evolution consists of a process of transformation into divine forms that are not of this world. Man grows, gradually transforming into the formless, for life on the higher plane.

    …Although he was born on Earth, he is-essentially-a light-like spirit!

    Let's figure out what a person is?
    The basis of knowledge about a person is that a person is not a body, a person is consciousness, that is, a living energy capable of self-awareness, having memory and mind. The body is just a temporary dwelling of the human consciousness. Moreover, each person — during his personal evolution-replaces many such bodies.

    Materialists and representatives of primitive religious sects do not believe in this. On the other hand, this is what God keeps telling us — through Thoth-Atlantean (Hermes Trismegistus), Lao Tzu, Krishna, Pythagoras, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, Babaji of Haidakhan, Sathya Sai Baba, other Divine Teachers, and many prophets.

    You can believe it or not believe it. A small and weak consciousness, “stuck” with a dirty and sick body, cannot pass from faith or disbelief – to knowledge. But you can learn all this through your own experience, if you follow the spiritual Path, that is, begin to develop yourself as a consciousness.

    The meaning of human life, and not only of man, but of all embodied living beings, consists precisely in this-in the qualitative and quantitative development of oneself as consciousness.

    For what? – For the sake of merging with God and enriching — through this — His self.

    Everything material that exists in the universe, including our planet and everything that exists on it, is designed just for this purpose: to ensure the development of individual consciousnesses on material carriers.

    The evolution of every soul begins like this. On growing minerals-on their crystal lattices-the initial processes of formation of energy bunches occur, which previously were in a diffuse, scattered state (protopurush). The clots formed in this way are then reincarnated into plant bodies, then into animal bodies, and then into human bodies. At the same time, there is a gradual growth of each embodied soul.

    Elements of emotional reactions and the simplest motor reflexes are already observed in plants. In highly evolved animals, we see a wealth of emotional experiences and sometimes even a highly developed mind. And at the human stage of evolution, we are required, among other things, to understand the principles of consciousness development under consideration and to actively participate in this process. Unfortunately, most people do not do this because of the prevailing mass philosophical and religious ignorance on Earth.


    The essence of everything in the universe —
    Evolution of Universal Consciousness.
    The life of God is an Evolution, i.e. a continuation of the development of His Universal Organism.
    It is for this very purpose that He creates material worlds in one part of the universe, then in another, and then on the planets suitable for the existence of organic bodies at a given time, settles in the latter insignificant particles of His energy – so that these particles grow and eventually merge into Him, enriching Him with themselves. Their growth starts on minerals.
    The Creator God (people call Him differently in different earthly languages, in ancient history the Slavs called Him Svarog) “feeds” and “grows”, evolving-due to the transformation in our bodies of food created by Him from akasha. The energy generated in our bodies from this food is ideally converted into Atmic energy, which It then “pours” into Itself, and the energy should be refined.

    Man is the last stage in the evolutionary series of development: plants-animals-man-God. His task is to strive for the attainment of Divine Perfection.
    This is what everything in the universe was created for.

    The Absolute (or God in the Aspect of the Absolute) is a Single Universal Multidimensional (and precisely quite alive!) An organism consisting of layers of multi-dimensionality.

    Let's forget about a sunny day for a while and imagine a starry night. The sky is in the stars … the stars are united in galaxies, each of which has many stars…

    Planets revolve around the stars… There are also very, very many of them… Some of them are inhabited.

    Among such planets is our Earth. Billions of embodied beings live and evolve on it, ranging from micro-organisms to us humans…

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