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  1. Thank you, no need. They would prevent us from swimming in the depths of the sea with dolphins, climbing vertical rocks accessible only to spiders, skiing downhill from peaks, rafting on rough rivers, searching for stalactites in karst caves, riding giant waves on a surfboard and doing many other crazy things that distinguish a person from the world of animals and angels.

    Evolution gave man an amazing body and a sophisticated brain that allowed him to do everything he wanted: fly faster than birds, swim better than fish, move through space faster than a jaguar, and even soar in zero gravity in outer space, which is inaccessible to anyone but a reasonable person. Thanks to evolution, humans don't have wings. He has wings of inspiration.

  2. In Terrestrial conditions (n. o.), it will not be able to reach 100%. This grossly contradicts the laws of physics (in particular, aerodynamics). The wings are like an angel's-too small (relative to a human) to even allow it to glide in the air-let alone fly. And large enough wings for flight-clearly will NOT be like an angel, but much larger (let's drop the question for now about the mass of a person, wings and how he will set them in motion: with angelic wings, in principle, he will not fly anywhere).

  3. No, it can't, unless, of course, these wings will not have any built-in engine. A person, even a very strong and well-trained one, does not have enough muscle strength to take off.
    A gliding flight is also possible with not very large wings, as extreme athletes now fly in special aerodynamic suits, but there are problems with landing, a parachute is required.

  4. In fact, a person has such wings. And even more perfect, given a long time ago )) Does it fly? Unfortunately, No.
    Because in addition to the “wings” you need to have a “winged” consciousness ) without which you can not overcome the status of “ostrich or chicken”
    As for the winged gift in the literal sense )
    Then only a few will be able to do it here) for most, this will only be another “voucher” that can be profitably exchanged for a new iPhone. )
    But this is for now )
    Until I developed a taste for freedom and flight

  5. Angels are spiritual beings for us humans, they appear in the form of young men and men . So that we can understand who is talking to us. Wings are given to them so that we can understand that They can move . Humans are different beings and cannot be Angels .

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