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  1. It is rather the opposite: can the rich at least approach the degree of freedom that is available to the poor? The poor person can afford to be sincere, loved, have real friends in whom he does not doubt, can have his own opinion on any issue and express it openly, the poor person has nothing to take away. The poor have fewer fears. A rich man has only what money can buy. But not everything in our life is a product or service. Freedom, for example, is not for sale at all. And this is a state of mind. Money, as a rule, enslaves. When there are a lot of them, a person begins to serve money. His whole life is debit and credit. And expensive goods can give temporary euphoria from the feeling of owning expensive things, but they will never replace simple human happiness. No amount of comfort and quality of life can replace the simple pleasures available to the poor and unattainable for the rich. Why, the rich often do not even have a political opinion of their own, as this is fraught with the loss of money and assets.

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