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  1. Young – from what age and up to what age? And what kind of wisdom do you expect?

    If in the field of some kind of life philosophy, worldview-why not? This may well be the case. It is enough to read the works of the main philosophers by the age of 18-19, whose names are well known to everyone, and at least understand something from there and try to bring it to life

    If wisdom is synonymous with the word “experience” for you, then again, what is wise? In a relationship? It may well be if by the age of 18-19 there were >2 girls with whom they had been in a relationship for >6 months.

    The main thing, perhaps, is that a wise person(in all senses of the word) is a person who is always trained, who is able to draw experience from events and actions. If this trait is present – and it can be present or develop in youth – then after a while the person can be called wise

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