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  1. Other dimensions in the sense that they complement our three-dimensionality are too simple to be true. Life can be more interesting -for example, Bose condensate does not appear in our three-dimensional space as particles up to some energies.

  2. At the moment, there is no experimental evidence that sheds light on the question of what exactly dark matter consists of. One of the existing experimental installations created by man for the detection of dark matter is the” Large Underground Xenon Detector ” – Large Underground Xenon (LUX). So far, I have not given any concrete results (There is a lot of information about the operating principles and location of this detector on the Web). Its task is to detectWimps, candidate particles of dark matter.

    For other candidates for the role of Dark Matter, there are less popular and more exotic theories, one of which isGravity is matter from other dimensions. But to prove this, you will need to first prove that we live in an en-dimensional universe. The detector for this in humanity also exists, this is the LHC. One of the LHC's experimental tasks is to detect microscopic black holes, the existence of which theoretically allows for the existence of additional spatial dimensions. But the problem is that they quickly decay, in 10 ^ -27 seconds, and we do not have the ability to detect particles directly, but for that we can detect them indirectly. Knowing which way the particle decays and their lifetime and sensitivity of the detector. We can detect the daughter particles that were formed during the decay of the parent. To do this, the tank has to increase its capacity, update equipment, and collect statistics. What will we wait for which of the detectors will give results first?

    For example, the Harvard physicistLisa Randall(author of the book Dark Matter and dinosaurs), gave a specific answer to this question:

    “Dark matter and multiple universes aren't really connected. We know about dark matter from its effects on the expansion of the universe, along with other things. Other universes may be even darker matter in the sense that they are so far away from us that they will not affect us gravitationally even once in the lifetime of the universe. But it also means that we won't be able to study them through observation. I prefer to study the “multiverse” that is here and now.

  3. No, I do not know and do not believe that TM is a projection from other dimensions. But I have my own oTM hypothesis, these are giant spin strings, they can be with two antinodes and with three antinodes. In the first case, the galaxies attached to them have a jumper and a pseudo-black hole in the center, as well as huge Fermi bubbles, and in the second case, a super-massive BH and small bubbles.

  4. No. There is no “dark” or “light” side, ugh matter! If you are interested in what gravity is-ask, if you are interested in other dimensions, I will also answer no to them! There is only what entropy has created, created and will create.

  5. It can't, because science has proven that there are no other dimensions (I recently saw an article on the Internet), because hypothetically-existing dark matter is part of our world.

  6. Read physics and geography of the Earth's dynamics. There is a fairly good description of your question in detail, including. But if you're not a reader so to speak, then I'm inclined to think not.

  7. It is believed that the Metagalaxy is the visible part of the universe. The visible part is a certain energy, spatial, etc. interval that has a border (event horizon) on the micro-scale side and on the macro-scale side. Everything outside the Metagalaxy interval is a tachyon region. It turns out that the Metagalaxy is located in a tachyon medium, which manifests itself in it as dark energy.

  8. Can not. Dark matter is not just some unknown matter that somehow manifests itself there. It was designed for very specific purposes:

    • explain why the velocities of stars on the periphery of galaxies move so fast (which Newtonian gravity cannot explain)
    • explain other observed effects when galaxy clusters collide, when galaxies fly through each other, and their gas is “hooked”
    • explain the formation of the observed sponge-like large-scale structure of the universe with its membranes and voids between them
      Indirectly, dark matter is confirmed by Sakharov oscillations.

    And here you offer a hypothesis about where this hypothetical entity (which fits well into many theories and phenomena)comes from “actually” happens. That is, you offer an explanation of the correction (calibration) essence with the help of even more fantastic “other dimensions”. As long as your idea does not have at least a mathematical apparatus that does not contradict all the things listed above, this idea cannot be taken seriously.


    Without involving “other dimensions”, axions, sterile neutrinos, and other WIMPs are considered candidates for dark matter particles. In the field of success, except that these particles mostly exist only on paper.

    And quite nedano (Attention! 🙂 Checkmate “other dimensions”!) there was a publication whose author did without dark matter at all, but nevertheless built a new consistent mathematical model of the universe. True, he needed a negative mass for this. 🙂 But he is more convincing, because his article is based on a mathematical apparatus, and not a title like “other dimensions”.

    So there is no need to rush to invent the nature of things that were themselves invented to explain something third.

  9. Hardly any answer can be given here) This area is poorly studied or not studied at all. And being inside our three-dimensional dimension, we can only judge and operate with three-dimensional phenomena and laws (including our thoughts). In other words, to really understand it, you need to go to another dimension, and this is a priori impossible. Until then, there are theories and guesses.

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