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  1. Yes, of course, this is the goodness of God. She doesn't need the devil's crutches. Another thing is that evil fights with good and sometimes in this struggle there is a seeming intertwining of sides, but believe me-God is God, and the devil is the devil – there is no close connection between them and God can exist without Satan. It is not necessary to look for merit from evil – if something positive happens because of a person's encounter with evil, it is not due to evil, but to God's good – God's ability to turn everything to good.

  2. In fact, it will be good, but for us it will lose its meaning. If this is the only thing we will do, then good and evil as such will disappear. It is clearer by analogy.

    Just imagine. You've been wearing a light-proof blindfold all your life since you were born, and you've only seen blackness all your life. But for you there is no concept of dark and light. Because these two concepts exist relative to each other and we distinguish them by comparing them with each other. But you saw only darkness. I.e. you have nothing to compare it with and for you the concept of darkness is meaningless and it does not manifest itself for you in any way. So it is here. Good will not manifest itself because everything around you will be good. You don't see white text on the same white background, do you? Here tag history.

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