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  1. If you want a more precise answer, then go to the Islamic forums where theologians sit. They will give you a much more accurate answer, while providing the necessary quotes from the Koran.�

    Muslims raise dogs, although in Islam they are considered a dirty animal. They do not let dogs into the house, using them only for protection or hunting. I think it's the same story with pigs: as long as they are not allowed in the house, as long as they are not eaten, but only for sale or protection (yes, pigs are great for protection), then there are no problems.

    Jews who consider pigs a non-kosher animal (which is an analog of Islamic haram) quite calmly raise pigs for sale. According to Jewish tradition, a pig cannot set foot on the holy land (Israel), but the Israelis found a completely Jewish solution to this problem. On pig farms, they build a wooden platform on which pigs live and grow.

  2. We asked the Standing Committee on Fatwas: “Is it allowed to sell wine and pork if it is not sold to Muslims?”

    Answer: “It is not permissible to trade in what Allah has forbidden from food and other things, such as wine and pork, even if the trade in these things is conducted with disbelievers, following what is reported in the authentic hadith of the Prophet, � ﷺ �, where he said: (If Allaah has forbidden anything, then He has also forbidden its price); and also, because the Prophet (peace and Blessings of Allaah be upon Him) cursed the wine, its drink, and the one who sells it,”total, who buys it, and the one who carries it, and the one to whom it is carried, and the use of the wine obtained from the sale, and the one who squeezes it, and the one to whom it is squeezed.”

    (Permanent Committee fatwa 49/13)

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