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  1. Yes, but it's much worse than you think. In the “multi-world” interpretation of the results of quantum mechanics, both states of the cat exist, and interacting irreversibly with the environment (observer), the quantum system acquires characteristics known from classical physics, but in different universes. In this interpretation, when the observer opens the box, he becomes entangled with the cat, and from this two states of the observer, corresponding to the living and dead cat, are formed, which do not interact with each other.�

    The universe splits into two different Universes (Fig.), in one of which the observer looks at a box with a dead cat, and in the other-the observer looks at a live cat.

    Other interpretations (Copenhagen, Einstein) of the observed predictions of Quantum mechanics, such as superposition of states and quantum entanglement, can be found on TQ here.�

    At the same time, we should not forget that the interpretations are only an attempt to apply common sense to the results of experiments that are brilliantly described in the framework of Quantum Mechanics.

  2. Your reality is your thoughts. In the fairy tale about the cat, the one who looks under the lid of the box is the viewer. And the observer is a cat-killer detector. The observer does not need to have eyes and be able to think. The laws of the universe don't care that you're human. You don't have to show off too much.

  3. Schrödenger's thought experiment was a critique of some theories in quantum mechanics, not a confirmation of them. So when you think about Schrodenger's cat, mentally insert this picture below

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