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  1. It can't, but it is. Thomas Nagel has a work on this topic, “What does it all mean?”, which briefly introduces philosophy, showing that in the process of growing up, a person inevitably faces philosophical problems. For example, language and consciousness.

    In everyday life, a person uses a lot of concepts, the discussion of which can only be philosophical. As for example, in the case of the concept of “justice”. If you make it rough, then a certain use of it is at the same time certain philosophical views.

    In general, whenever we come in contact with conventionally imaginary things, such as laws and law, we have to deal with philosophy in one way or another. These very things make up our everyday life, and therefore it is more difficult to imagine a situation in which philosophy will not be part of everyday life, rather than vice versa.

  2. Hello, of course, philosophy can be useful in human life as wisdom, can show how to correctly set life priorities. In general, every person is essentially a philosopher, but can a philosopher be without philosophy? No. Therefore, philosophy can be a part of everyday life.

  3. Must. But not the one that is considered this. Philosophy – AWARENESS of Yourself, the world order, the principles of the universe and their meaningful application. Philosophy – The Practice of a DECENT Life!

  4. Many people do not understand what philosophy is and consider anything but philosophy. Philosophy is the love of wisdom!!! And that's not exactly what you're talking about. Wisdom means following the natural path of all things for the sake of knowing the Tao. The sage has a discernment that manifests itself in the changing circumstances of life. This is how a wise man lives without possessions, commits without withholding. At the same time, he may not show much intelligence, because intelligence is not always the fruit of wisdom. With respect.

  5. it can not be – it is and everything is as it is said there are sages, but not we we each in our own measure and ability make cognition of ourselves through the world and find our place under the sun and in the shade well, in the night of course, so in the east there is a Horn, and in the west there is a Horizon, which is

  6. The question has a completely different meaning than it seems.

    When we ask this question to the Zen universe, we are unconsciously shouting, ” People, you all need to be more interested in philosophy! It will bring you all a lot of benefits!”

    A man's question.

    Women are more likely to issue a call to the universe: “People (in the sense of men) take care of the younger, weak and needy … it should be a part of your life!”

    Other popular calls:

    • Can tolerance become a part of our daily lives?
    • Can the full freedom of liberalism become part of our everyday life?..

    And all of them are directed not in the direction of “What can I do for the motherland” but in the direction of ” Motherland-change. To make my life better and easier!” )))

    That's what you can get to when you start philosophizing about philosophy. )))

  7. Now there is no philosophy, but there is a philodoxia (post-philosophy) that is absolutely fruitless and unnecessary for people. Intelligence, wisdom, reasonableness, ingenuity, etc., without which there can be no life, are not philosophy. Philosophy should teach you to think logically and theoretically understand the world, and for this it should be a science about science-to explore its cognitive potential and methods of theorizing the sciences, called logic. They are easy and simple to master, but who will lead you?..

  8. Not just “can”, but <and> is. Although it seems common to us that it has nothing to do with our “everyday” life (especially). And then the question is: isn't our consciousness (and worldview) related to philosophy and the philosophical? Yes, of course, we often do not see the rationalistic presence of philosophy. But this does not mean that it is present in a different (unconscious) deep (irrational) way…

  9. A philosophical attitude to life; that's all we have… If you were abandoned, this is a given and thinking will not help you get back what you missed. This is precisely the difference between the physics of an object and its metaphysical perception.

  10. Philosophy is essentially an individual, personal model of a person's world. In this sense, each of us has our own philosophy, that is, our own picture of the world.

  11. Modern academic philosophy can never be a part of everyday life. Modern academic philosophy is incompetent in most aspects. In a special school of knowledge, philosophical works are studied on the subject – how not to think and think. They are used as an example of bad, useless and fruitless thinking.

    Peace To All.

  12. Philosophy is usually taken as a worldview, and this confuses the consciousness of many people who do not realize the methodological peculiarity of knowledge built on generalizations and particulars. This is how the method of arithmetic transformations-addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, exponentiation and root extraction-builds the logic of matching the correspondences of being and consciousness through the combination of quality with a certain quantity. This is the Wisdom of God, which brings knowledge, understanding, comprehension and awareness in the form of “truth” or the correspondence of what is known to what is known, and the medium of knowledge is f i l o s o f i i, given to people as a means of showing love for the knowledge of wisdom.

    Each neophyte of life learns the world of things and order philosophically, building his own vision on the basis of arithmetic logic, that is, thanks to training and innate abilities to generalize and isolate the particular. However, knowledge is not a philosophy, but builds a worldview. Methods and logic of cognition are mastered automatically throughout life, and the proof of true knowledge is the practice of mathematical ability to think abstractly. The average person does not know how he thinks, so he takes the hidden form of obtaining a method of knowledge for wisdom. The science of thinking is conditioned by all aspects of reflected reality, which need to be generalized (abstracted), and this is largely not available to people, hence the opinion that the manifestation of a special property of thinking is philosophy.

  13. Maybe, if you have enough free time from all the daily hustle and bustle.Jobs, wars, natural disasters, alien attacks, etc. etc. Well, and other small things.

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