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  1. Is it possible to draw seven perpendicular red lines, two of which are made in green and one in the shape of a kitten?

    C. S. Lewis quite rightly argued that if you add “God can” before a stupid phrase, then the phrase does not become smarter. In more polite terms, of course not. Because there is an impossible contradiction in the phrase itself. If we assume that God exists in reality, then either he is not omnipotent, or the concept of omnipotence does not include logically consistent things.

    This question was clarified in Christianity in the High Middle Ages – in particular, Thomas Aquinas spoke about a similar idea in the thirteenth century.

  2. If the almighty wants to “not be able” to do something, who will forbid it? It is impossible to get smarter, and everyone can be stupid, especially if they can be and not be at the same time…

  3. He created it a long time ago. This stone is a man with his free will. Free will is the red line that God does not cross even if it leads to a person's death.

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