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  1. There may still be such a thing as “Energy”. But ENERGY, as a separate PHENOMENON, cannot exist.

    Energy is only a STATE of MATTER in its various forms.

    There are basic types of states of Matter.

    1) There is Matter in a Potential energy state and

    2) There is Matter in a Kinetic energy state. But this is a different topic and a very long one.

    The main thing is that the concept of the primacy of everything from energy is an abstract thought form of scientists since the time of Plato and still prevailing, because the West still rules and sets its own gangster rules and teachings, including Darwinian ones.

    Why is a person so easily led to all these teachings, religions based on only one concept : “Believe as I say and don't think”!

    Why is it so easy to fool people and impose your opinion? And Most Importantly! to put a man in a desperate situation for a man and with only one way out-to the yard of his master as a shorn sheep.

    Because Man differs from animals in that he can create ABSTRACT MENTAL IMAGES, that is, fantasies.

    This is how fairy tales, books, teachings, religions, and pseudo-scientific hypotheses are created.

    “Dunno on the Moon” is a vivid example of the fantasy of the writer N. Nosov, where the island of Fools is described on the Moon.

    Adequate writers create unrealistic situations in order to better show people the value of their human qualities and their human life.

    But people need to know that things that can't exist in real life are constantly being produced in people's brains. This is the incomprehensible novelty of ignorance at first.

    But a person who can logically compare the real with the unreal, discovers new life knowledge and work skills.

    Mental images of people are created by waves of internal water of the human energy biofield.

    These energetic Thought images, located in the nodes of nervous, vegetative connections, transmit an energy impulse to these nodes and activate them.

    Through chemical bonds, certain parts of the spinal cord are activated and enzymes are produced to activate certain reactions in the blood, intercellular fluid, and rearrange the internal life of cells.

    Joyful mental images give an impulse to the production of endorphins, which leads to euphoria in the brain. The body is pleasantly relaxed and excited. Stable mental images are transferred to the Memory of the brain in the Hypothalamus.

    But there are people who, fearing the real world, come up with their own fantastic mental images. And there are such benevolent people who have invented their own unreal world for themselves and can live like this all their lives, avoiding the adversities of the real world.

    And frightening Mental Images produce enzymes that stimulate emotions of fear, danger of life, which leads the brain to a depressive state and inability to control the body.

    Many parents, due to their limited life experience and upbringing, form mental images in their children that are inadequate to the reality of life.

    Believing in miracles and free gifts does nothing to prepare their children for a real working life.

    A child and an adult can only improve their own mental images , which are adequate to the reality of life, and thus their accumulative life memory. And thus, such people improve the management of their brain, the body subject to it, and the best solution to the current life situation.

    Children should grow up curious, with an inquisitive mind exploring everything new and unknown under the guidance of an experienced mentor. Then the life of such a person will be interesting and his life Memory will be multi-faceted and viable for all his subsequent lives.

    Only those people who have practical life experience can logically compare their mental images with information coming from outside.

    And in this way, the quality of mental images and the quality of a person's life memory are constantly being corrected.

    Why is the quality of a person's mental images and Memory so important? Because after physical death, a person goes to live exactly at the energy level of the Matter of the Ether of his Life Memory.

    At this level of his life, a person can improve his Past life experience and live his past events as he would like to live or even erase them from his Memory and remember only and live only what is truly sacred to him.

    Holy is that which gives LIGHT, that is, ENERGY. Namely, VITAL ENERGY for the body and brain to live joyfully and act

    joyfully, creatively improving any job or activity in your life.

    And the more adequate a person's knowledge and vital work skills are, the more active and productive and joyful their life will be at any level of their life.

    Because after living on the energy level of the Matter of the Ether, a person is born again on the physical level and so round after round of births. Until a person can reach the level of the Creator, when he can translate the energy of thought images into the creation of physical forms of objects of Nature, society and life in collaboration with other equally perfect people.

    The animal world of Earth has the energy level of the General Memory of its species and thus stamps out its species again and again.

    People who spend their energy in empty contemplations and fantasies, without getting life's knowledge and work skills, lose energy.

    And then these people can not move ,fully, to the energy level of their lives.

    The energy of such people dissipates and people degrade to the level of social animals, that is, to eat, drink, earn-to snatch or take away at the level of reflexes.

    Food, alcohol, and drugs are attracted to these people to replenish their lost energy, but this animal world is short-lived.

    If a person is aware of himself and his place and purpose in the World of the World Order, then such a person moves to the energy level, as an individual with his Memory and into the World of his Memory.

    Then the memory of social animals, the human species, is shared to maintain this animal energy. And this Memory Energy also churns out its own kinds of people-social animals.

    Therefore, there are wars and uneven development of various people on the planet Earth, because there is a misunderstanding of some by others. And hence the inability of different people to understand each other and negotiate with each other.

    But losing memory, a person loses his appearance and gradually the energy of such a person is attracted by the energy of the animal world. Since the energy does not go anywhere, but only passes into another form. So the energy of a social animal, a former human, passes into another species and, probably, this is monkeys or sheep.

  2. In our world, which has a digital nature, everything is exactly like that. A long time ago, the great mathematician Pythagoras declared that everything is a number. Since then, everything that cannot exist has existed.

  3. The answer is very simple. can there be something that cannot exist, the main thing is to determine whether it can, if it wants to exist, or wants to exist, but cannot, or wants to but cannot, or can but does not want to? Not to mention where to exist, or what to exist in? Or can it exist in this, but wants to exist in something else entirely, although in another, does not want to, or cannot? Although, I can continue!?

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