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  1. So it is, but the problem is that reality, in the sense in which we understand it, does NOT exist. You can put it another way: reality exists, but it is not knowable.

    The simplest example is that the color we see does not exist in reality. In reality, our eyes receive electromagnetic waves (photons) from the optical range, which have only frequency (energy) and polarization. And then miracles happen-the result of evolution. Photons excite visual receptors on the retina of the eye, from where photochemical reactions generate a signal-information about the frequency of the photon and along the optic nerves this information is transmitted to the brain.

    But about half a billion optical photons arrive there every second. How does the brain manage to process this? – to the detriment of reality, i.e. partial loss of information. Already on the way to the brain, signals are grouped by three types of color photoreceptors (cones) for short, medium and long waves, each of which has the maximum sensitivity to photons of a certain wavelength. We perceive shorter waves as bluer, and longer ones as redder. All the wavelengths between them (and their combinations) make up the color gamut of the rainbow. So, to the detriment of reality, our brain generates the phenomenon of “color”, which is not found in nature.

    Of all the possible wavelengths (λ) of photons (from λ < 10-1⁶ m to λ > 10⁸ m), our cones detect only a small band in the range of 380 ≤ λ ≤ 720 nanometers, which we call the visible spectrum. The rest of the spectrum is inaccessible to our eyes.

    Evolution decided so, but it also gave us a sophisticated brain, through which we created devices that allow us to ” see” the entire spectrum of waves, and not only electromagnetic, but also sound, and more recently gravitational. This allows us to get closer and closer to the reality that is inaccessible to our consciousness.

  2. FICTION here is a very inadequate and unprofitable word (with a hint of deception/illusion) for the reason that civilization receives from Nature such a worldview that should help to successfully solve difficult problems of survival and development of civilization – this is beneficial to Nature itself.

  3. I would not call it fiction, but a program that restricts our perception. There is a version that everything depends on the dimensionality of space. We are limited by the three-dimensional body and space, and we can only enter the fourth spatial dimension by going deeper into ourselves.

  4. The universal world can be considered a figment of the Mind, but what its nature is, biological or non-biological, we do not know.

    And this is not our human Mind, but the Mind of the Creator of the world.

    For that, we can say for sure that the virtual reality of this site was created by the mind on the biological basis of our world.

  5. The world we see is only the Solar System, as part of the universe. It can be considered not only a fiction, but a memory of deceased people about biological and emotional, physical life. Because the Spirit of the deceased is another part of the Universe that is invisible to living people. And for them to remember physical life, very little is required of the living: to remember the dead and thank them for this memory.

  6. The world in which we live is not created by God, but by people in their own image and likeness. Our world is a world of ideas. People are immortal, like an idea. But the world in the classical sense is a human fiction.

  7. Consciousness is neither a biological agent nor a product of it. Considering consciousness biological is the same as considering the feeling of love as a result of overeating.

    The phenomenal universe exists objectively. If the consciousness dreams, hallucinates, then this happens individually. And if in a group, then everyone has their own Eden. That is, they go crazy one by one.

  8. All the sciences all that people know is actually illusion, time, physics, colors, everything that we see,if the world still exists, then most likely it is actually white or black and white.
    Therefore, all that a person thinks and knows is stupidity zhyzn is an illusion about which lutshe nedumat, tebezhe will be from this lutshe and then you can go crazy.This is why people believe in God,because this life is always an illusion and the spiritual life is real.

  9. In this case, the description of this phenomenon using its derivatives gives an uninterpreted model of the universe. But if, for example, we assume that everything known to people comes from other people, including not only thoughts, but also feelings – then it turns out that humanity is stewing in the juice of its own ideas about itself and the world around it. Outside of these ideas, people do not know anything and they cannot get this knowledge in any way – it is inaccessible to their perception.

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