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  1. In the infinite material world of which we are a part, there is nothing but moving matter, no space, no time, and no other characteristics. Moving matter is an infinite number of interrelated and interpenetrating processes of changing matter.

    Space and time, and other qualitative characteristics are concepts that a person uses to describe the moving material environment in which he is located.

    A person is part of this environment and must somehow exist in this environment and adapt to its constantly changing composition around him and its states in order to survive. And in order to adapt, a person is forced to study the environment of his habitat and create exchange processes of interaction with it.

    And since moving matter has the volume and speed of processes in it, in order to create a picture of the environment around it, a person must describe in some form the distances between moving objects, the sequence and speed of changes and movements of objects in the environment. And a person creates a system for measuring distances and speeds and sequences of movements. Space and time are theoretical measurement tools used to describe and recreate the structure of the environment and record various changes in it, to create theoretical models of the fragments of the material world in which a person exists, models that help him navigate, plan and organize his actions.

    Moreover, the zone of attention and vital interests of a person includes objects of the material world with which he interacts, not only within a radius of ten meters, but also located at more distant distances. For example, the Sun and Moon, with their light a person interacts during the day. Using the concepts of space and time created by him, a person understands that the heavenly bodies are very far away, and that the Moon shines at night, and the Sun during the day, and it is in this sequence – night-day-night-day and Sun-Moon-Sun-Moon… And nothing else. The Moon can't “work” two consecutive shifts.

    Human mental activity is roughly a research activity for the adaptation of a person to life in the environment.

    Both within the framework of this research activity and for its support (material and informational), a person creates sciences, philosophy, religions, the monetary system, laboratories, theories, and the conceptual apparatus of sciences…

  2. Space-time without matter or energy is a case of an empty universe or a space-time with constant curvature. Exact solutions of Einstein's field equations for an empty universe with a positive, zero, or negative cosmological constant yield a de Sitter space with positive curvature, a Minkowski space with zero curvature, and an anti-de Sitter space with negative curvature, respectively.

    For those who don't know. Manifolds of constant curvature are best known in the case of two dimensions: the surface of a sphere is a surface of constant positive curvature, the flat (Euclidean) plane is a surface of constant zero curvature, and the hyperbolic surface is a surface of constant negative curvature.

    The main application of de Sitter space is its use in general relativity, where it serves as one of the simplest mathematical models of the universe consistent with the observed accelerating expansion of the universe. In particular, the de Sitter space is a maximally symmetric vacuum solution of the Einstein equations with a positive cosmological constant Λ corresponding to a positive vacuum energy density and a negative pressure. There is cosmological evidence that our universe is asymptotically de Sitterian.

  3. People gave a name, that is, they designated these entities that cannot exist without each other. But this does not mean that space, time and matter exist only in our consciousness.

    We are surrounded by infinite objective matter in infinite space and infinite time.

    Here it is important to understand this infinity and not to invent the beginning of beginnings and the reason for everything.

    The cause of everything is the very unity and struggle of opposites, followed by the negation of negation and therefore perpetual motion.

    And we know all this thanks to that very reflection.

    You can invent anything you want, but if we want to know this world, then the only way is to arm ourselves with these universal laws and move forward, and not stand still in metaphysical chaos.

  4. Outside of matter, something cannot exist. Even non-material, spiritual objects need material carriers. For example, any language of human communication, whether verbal or mathematical, although it is an immaterial, spiritual product, but requires a material carrier and energy costs for its creation, as in other things and for its disappearance. So the answer is no. Moreover, space itself is material and is known through the material objects that are in it. Time, being an abstract product of human consciousness (spiritual essence), although it is not a material entity, but separately, outside of matter(space with material objects), is meaningless and cannot exist

  5. It is the Matter of the Cosmos that exists without time. Because the very concept of “time” was introduced by people themselves, defining daytime at 12 o'clock and night time at 12 o'clock. Morning is the beginning of the day with sunrise and night begins when the sun has gone below the horizon of this area.

    In the infinite Space of icy Matter, in the state of Rest of liquid and crystalline metallic Hydrogen, numerous Universes with incandescent Stars and planets are in motion.

    Universes are born of the Matter of the Cosmos and are destroyed in due time to the primary state of the Matter of the Cosmos.

    How did the Matter of the Cosmos arise, where its boundaries of infinity no one knows.

  6. How can anything exist without matter (physical) in material reality? Nothing exists by itself, in isolation from other aspects of reality. Only in theory is this possible; in reality, physical matter does not exist without space. and space does not exist without matter.

    Moreover, three-dimensional space, as well as its two – dimensional and point forms (an example from reality is vacancies in solid crystals) does not exist without matter.

    Space is as diverse as matter and exists in many forms and states, so that each form of matter corresponds to a paired form of space. There is an indissoluble dual connection between them.

    We don't know the space at all for a number of reasons . of these, the most important is the perfect transparency of space, which provides us with the most important feeling – the sense of vision. The most ancient maxim – “what we do not see, does not exist” still dominates us.

    It's time to wake up from the sweet slumber of ignorance. We are on the verge of a breakthrough in physics.

    We are working, brothers.

  7. No, because space is the form of existence of matter. Space itself does not exist. For example, there is the length of a material object. This is done by comparing two items to each other, such as a ruler. And what is just the length of who knows what? it just doesn't happen

  8. Even in the case of matter, they do not exist objectively by themselves, but only appear as objects(images) in the minds – “pictures of the reality of subjects” …

  9. Matter is a state of energy in time. Space is one of the qualities of matter. The universe exists and does not exist at the same time as the wind (if you take away the time scale from the wind, then it does not exist). Our concepts of matter are based on the interaction of “matter” and energy in time (light, magnetic waves). Even touching objects is a product of the magnetic interaction of atoms of various matters. The universe was not created and it will not die because it exists as long as time exists. We think that we live in a 3-dimensional world or a 4-dimensional world. But when we talk about dimensions, that's not what we mean by them. For us, there are only 3 dimensions: time, space, and the power of energy. The interaction of these three elements creates our world. We can change the power of energy, we can move energy in space, but we can't change time. As soon as we can change time, we can change our world into whatever we want and we can call it “past”, “new present” or “future”, but not when we will be able to get into the past relative to the present because we will not know exactly the coordinates of the ” energy force “and the coordinates of”space”. To find out these coordinates, we want to go back in time! We will also not be able to get to the future relative to the present for the same reasons, because this will be the future created by us, and not the future relative to the present, because we will not know the same coordinates.

  10. When such questions are asked, you need to link them to a specific goal. It's not even about the many possible answers, but it's not clear which one to reveal in more detail. In such cases, you should always provide your own version of the response.
    What should I invest in the concept of time? The very word “exist” is directly and directly related to it. Even if nothing happens at all (theoretically), even if there is nothing to measure, counting is possible if there is a reference point and units of measurement (the second is only for accounting and meaning). The only question will be who (or what) determines the reference point and starts the countdown. So we can say that matter or other content is optional. Otherwise, you need to determine all possible types of content and their boundaries, and consider the possibility of different time flows within these boundaries.
    So is space. You can simply define it as a certain area with or without borders and the type and degree of its filling with everything possible except matter. Is it possible? If you define the impossible as just the unknown, then yes.

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