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  1. No. Philosophy is not philosophizing. Traditionalism has no ontology of its own (about being and its purpose), no epistemology (about cognition), a little axiology (about values), and a lot of hermeneutics (about reinterpreting a bunch of other people's texts in favor of its truth). That is, there is no very basis of philosophy-the doctrine of life. There is only parasitism on other people's texts and a lot of pathos in the field of their own values, invented by the authors, and not described as existing in real life (as philosophers should). Traditionalism, in general , is a pathos philosophizing about how I-in-a-white-coat-stand-beautiful-and-all-the-rest-are-fools-and-don't-get-treated.

  2. Traditionalism is not a separate philosophical direction as such, much less a philosophical school. Rather, it can be defined as a general worldview, approach, or general orientation in the interpretation of social life.

  3. Traditionalism is the best philosophy, but all the others are absolutely not!!! And all other philosophies are bad. So traditionalism is the best ideology and philosophy.

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