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  1. Quite. Under capitalism, a person can easily start his own business and work for himself, without “exploiting” anyone. This is a problem in socialism, since there is no ownership of the means of production, which means that at least we need to cooperate. And there are no problems with exploitation – however, everyone has one exploiter-the state.

  2. ALL POLITICAL ISMs are inconceivable without human exploitation of people.

    EXPLOITATION in general happens – benign (fair and mutually beneficial) and malignant (deliberately deceitful deceptive) – the first positive systematically occurs and is used in all cases of life, the second absolutely negative illegal.

    Good-quality mutual exploitation occurs with any form of positive honest cooperation – with an equivalent exchange of services and mutual assistance and friendship, etc. and so on-but as soon as one of the parties begins to get impudent and receive more than give, a conflict immediately arises and they talk about negative exploitation and friendship / cooperation is over…

    If the negative exploiter pays more than he is supposed to, then he will already be called a benefactor.

  3. You own a car !

    If you use it :

    a) for personal use-this is PERSONAL property !

    b) to make money in the market – this is a PRIVATE

    property, you are a subject of the market, the petty bourgeoisie !

    c) for an employee to work on it

    with piecework and temporary payment, hired by you-this is

    PRIVATE CAPITAL, you are a subject of the market, the petty bourgeoisie !


    Small owner, he is different !

    One needs a property, first of all, to

    to realize your creative potential is

    the “creative” petty bourgeoisie,

    she is a fellow traveller of the proletariat !

    The other needs property first of all,

    to make a small one, make a medium one, and then a large one

    and even monopolistic-this is “money-grubbing”

    the petty bourgeoisie, the worst enemy of the proletariat, the milieu

    from which the fascist political movement is formed !


    Capitalism is THEFT, and the instrument of this theft is


  4. What does human exploitation mean? A term coined by Marxists. This is true in the slave system. But this is not the case in a bourgeois-democratic society. You can say “exploiter”, or you can say “employer”. There is a contract between an employee and an employer that defines the interests of the parties. There are laws, trade unions, and so on. And under socialism, the state can be called an exploiter. Does this make it easier for the employee? An employee can make a claim to the capitalist. And the state? Get slapped on the cheeks.

  5. No, because this is precisely the basis of capitalism. Exploitation of man by man, in which employees are forced to sell their labor, and the owners of the means of production appropriate the fruits of their labor and enrich themselves from this.

  6. It depends on what you call capitalism 🙂

    The main feature of capitalism is the transformation of labor into a commodity. That is, where there is a SALARY, there is capitalism in one form or another.

    Class theorists clearly link wages to exploitation.

    If we talk about capitalism as the absence of a state monopoly on capital, then why not. A lone artisan has no one to exploit. Technological progress now allows it to achieve significant production volumes and revenues. You can imagine the economy of the future in which any enterprise employs only one person, who is its owner 🙂

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