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  1. Between physics and mathematics lie the exact sciences-mathematical physics and physical mathematics, and so on and so forth.

    Philosophy can and should solve the general philosophical problem of the survival and development of civilization-through a significant increase in the ethical culture of civilization (morals and morality).

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    I don't think, I know – not philosophy will solve the problem of survival and development of civilization, but biology and zoology.

    The fact is that with the birth of slavery, where the” first slave ” was a woman, and there was a distortion of the direction of development. Humanity followed a “crooked path”,as a result of which the built civilization was on the edge of the abyss. Patriarchal rule, relying on rational thinking (logic, reason), ignored the development, education of feelings-intuition (subconscious). Due to the long period of slavery, the development of the left hemisphere of the brain became a priority, which led to the construction of a technocratic civilization, instead of the desired peaceful and happy, harmonious society.

    To correct the dangerous situation that has developed, it is necessary to urgently engage in the development, education of feelings (intuition), through penetration into the subconscious. By translating the subconscious into the realm of consciousness, a person will become aware of their own delusions imposed by the centuries-old yoke of slavery. By exposing the errors, prejudices, and vices of his animal nature-by rejecting them, by knowing himself-he will improve himself and thus carry out the” progress ” of the Earth.

    By bringing both hemispheres of the brain in harmony, humanity will eliminate the “devastation in the heads”. Very quickly, the harmony created in the minds will serve to build harmonious relationships between people, peoples and states. Probably, by the end of this century, humanity will have created a United States of the World – a World Community.

    This grandiose leap in the evolution of the human population will reveal a “breakthrough” into the unknown expanses of the Universe, and humanity will answer the most exciting question expressed in the words of I. Kant: “Two things always fill the soul with new and stronger wonder and awe, the more often and for a long time we reflect on them – the starry sky above me and the moral law in me.” Through the “starry sky” in the head, a person (a closed system that has all the properties of the cosmos) will begin to master the vast expanses of the Boundless Universe.

    All the “tools” for the transformation of humanity were left to us as a legacy by our Greatest ascetics, including our contemporary – Genrikh Kogosovich Elbert-a Participant in the Second World War, an Honorary Citizen of the Nizhny Novgorod Region, a laureate of the USSR Prize. Honored Zootechnician Of The Russian Federation, Member Of The Psychotherapy League.

  3. False problem statement. Philosophy is the science of science as a means of theorizing all sciences, not just physics. The applied science of “dialectical logic” provides mastery of logical (essential, essentialist) thinking, and it is a form of artificial intelligence, just like mathematics. At the same time, it is a tool for theorizing and mathematics, which is very relevant in our time.

  4. This statement is unlikely to be logical. Philosophy is on a different island altogether. Or even on another planet. Because philosophy is not a science (this is not out of disdain for philosophy, I don't have one) – it is a way of knowing and understanding the world. And certainly not natural (like physics), although in the times before Aristotle and before the advent of physics, philosophy partly affected the field of the world order, but now it has not been doing this for a long time. And it is not at all an exact (like mathematics) field of knowledge. Philosophy now mainly comes from the humanities – from those regions where psychology, sociology, ethology, history, etc. – here on that island and look for how their territories intersect and which areas are suddenly not occupied by some kind of science.

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