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  1. Oh, a favorite question of moralists, populists and other comrades.
    And whether we have the right to condemn criminals, bastards, and so on.

    After all, these are people with different cultural values!
    I don't give a shit about their valuables.

    Like Carlin said, let's put some barbed wire around one state and put all the criminals in there and divide them up. let them live in the society they like and not go out of it.

    A person lives in a society that is built by law-abiding people who do not shoot almost at each other, do not violence, do not kill, do not rob, and so on.

    So, since a person lives and enjoys these benefits, let him play by the established rules.
    don't like it? get the fuck out of here. in the woods, in the fields, anywhere.
    At least create your own commune and do whatever you want there.

    In general, if a person has other social and cultural values-let him take them with him and dump them on all four sides.

  2. You can accuse a person of being bad. The question is: how appropriate is this? It depends on the nature of this accusation. This may be contempt for the inconsistency of a person's behavior with the hierarchy in which he is located, or the desire to rise in this hierarchy, asserting oneself at his expense. In any case, there is a risk of unsuccessful prosecution, and if so, the person you are accusing may impose, or at least incline you to behave as they consider appropriate, within a certain hierarchy, or assert themselves at your expense.

    People aren't born bad. The very concept of “bad” does not exist outside of the human mind, outside of its interpretation, and the mind of a newborn, or, if you like, its intelligence, is empty. A person's personality, that is, his psyche, is entirely formed under the influence of the environment. In the course of his personal development, the individual acquires ideas about such concepts as hierarchy, good and evil, appropriateness and irrelevance, benefit and damage, and tends to a certain, optimal in his view, form of existence. These processes are natural and proceed by themselves. It may seem to a person that he has chosen to do a good or bad thing, but, in fact, it is his brain that has demonstrated a natural reaction based on the interaction of its previous states with the information coming into it at the moment. Is it appropriate to give a person responsibility for the natural processes that they demonstrate? This is natural and natural, just like the processes themselves.

  3. — Are you saying that a man can lift himself up by the hair?”
    – Absolutely! Every sane person just has to do it from time to time! �
    Baron Munchausen

    That is why life is given to a person, so that he overcomes his negative innate traits and acquires a different quality – this is the feat of life, the meaning of life, victory over himself, if you want, and the righteous judgment over his bad deeds serves as a stimulator for climbing the mountain. �It looks different так:www.youtube.com/embed/nfgNXCugBAo?wmode=opaque

    And then there are the means of outside help – I mean God's salvation, God's Anchor for the drowning, His promises for the weak and the perishing, which have been resounding all over the earth for 2,000 years :

    7 Ask, and it will be given you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you;
    8 For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.
    (Matthew 7: 7,8)

  4. Let no man be born bad or good. Who told you that ?” And how can you determine with a newborn, under which article of the Criminal Code he is guilty ? A person is born as nothing. It becomes bad or good as a result of a personal choice that has been given to us for a long time. (right to choose). Personal choice is determined by the person, but when he becomes a person (an angel, or a parasite), then you can already talk about guilt, but not because he is bad somewhere in the depths of his soul, but only as a result of a bad act. And “born bad” is already racism, mixed up in esotericism.

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