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  1. My favorite is the Evatla sophism. It illustrates how the sophists ' argumentative methods sometimes turned against them.

    Evatlus took lessons from the sophist Protagoras on the condition that he would pay the fee only when he won his first trial. But after completing the training, Evatl did not take any process and refused to pay on the basis of the contract. Then Protagoras said that he would file a lawsuit and, in any case, win: “The judges will either award you to pay the fee or not. In both cases, you will have to pay. In the first case, by virtue of the judge's verdict, in the second case, by virtue of our agreement.” To this Evatl replied: “I will not pay in either case. If I am ordered to pay, then I will not pay by virtue of our contract, having lost the first trial, and if I am not ordered to pay the fee, then I will not pay by virtue of the court verdict.”

  2. The seated man stood up. Who got up-he stands. So the person sitting is standing.

    What is better than eternal bliss? Nothing, of course. But a sandwich is better than nothing. So a sandwich is better than eternal bliss.

  3. The more cheese, the more holes. The more holes, the less cheese. The more cheese, the less cheese.�

    Completely unnecessary text that helps you type 140 characters.

  4. In my opinion, this is a great Friday sophism. However, this applies not only to vodka, but also to any type of drink.
    “The more I drink vodka, the more my hands shake. The more my hands shake, the more alcohol I spill. The more I spill, the less I drink. So to drink less, you need to drink more”

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