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  1. You can prove it. Here's a look:

    ILLUSION of illusion, wives. (Lat. illusio – mockery, deception) (bookish). Distorted perception of reality, based on the deception of feelings, taking the apparent, imaginary for real. (Ushakov's dictionary).

    The meaning of the word means only a distorted reality. An illusion always refers us to a real object, which is simply perceived incorrectly by us.

    Illusion (Lat. illusio-delusion, deception) is a deception of the senses, something apparent, that is, a distorted perception of a real object or phenomenon that allows ambiguous interpretation. (Wikipedia).

    That is, if we say that the world is illusory, it cannot mean that the world does not exist. This only means that the world is perceived by us not as it really is. In other words, the surrounding reality, in any case , is an objectively existing phenomenon. It would be more correct to say, not that the world is illusory, but that our idea of it is illusory, otherwise the sentence will actually contain a contradiction.

    Now about all of us:

    Since the world exists, and we perceive it in one way or another (each in his own way), then each of us exists. Nothing nonexistent could exist in the existing world. Simply because the existing reality is made up of entities – it has such an essential characteristic:) Or, in other words, an indispensable condition of existence is to belong to the existing reality, to have something in common with the existing world. We all have this in common. At a minimum, this is our perception of the world. But the objective or illusory is a completely different question.

  2. Of course not.�

    In principle, it is not possible to prove this. In the same way, it is not possible to prove that you were not created by someone or something a few seconds ago, and everything that you know about the world order is “flooded” into your memory when you created it.�

    Such things cannot be proved, nor can they be refuted. It would not be entirely appropriate to delve into a more detailed explanation of how and why it is impossible to prove (well, or refute), because, as it seems to me, everything is pretty clear anyway.

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